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    Spooky Nightmare with a Stranger


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    Spooky Nightmare with a Stranger Empty Spooky Nightmare with a Stranger

    Post by Karasuki 15th September 2018, 9:14 am

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    Upon opening the box you discover that it's contents are a hardcover book, which upon closer inspection proves to be a person called Samuel Martin's personal diary, and a voice recorder lacrima, both covered in blood stains. Did that man send you this package? Despite the bad feeling you have, you open the book and skim through the entries.
    Having listened to the lacrima, it's as if more questions have emerged than been answered. Who sent you these items? How do they know your name? What happened to the Rune Knights? What did they find in that forest?
    It seems that you have no choice but to go there and find out yourself.

    Karasuki Kitsuharu woke up early to a knock at her door. She rubbed her eyes and climbed out of bed, still staying at the local Red Dragon Inn. Her hands ran through her hair, trying to put it back into some semblance of care as she called out through the door, "Be right there!" Through the curtains on the window she could tell it was still early morning and groaned a bit under her breath. Luckily for her, Geralt was a late riser and she knew he wouldn't be bothering her for at least a few hours. She slid her feet into a pair of soft worn blue slippers and opened the door, holding her pink silk kimono closed over her nightdress. Standing there in full uniform was mail delivery and she blushed a bit, as she was still in bed clothes. "Um, how can I help you?" The woman held up a package towards her, "A package for a Miss Karasuki Kitsuharu?"

    Karasuki reached out with her free hand and took the large box, though it felt quite light in her hands. A glance at the tag on the top included her name and the initials "SM". She had no idea whom it could be from but she knew her own name. Breaking the silence and Karasuki's awkward staring at the box in her hands, the mailwoman spoke in a professional tone, "Please, just initial here. It confirms that I delivered the package to you." Karasuki shook her head and quickly apologized, setting down the box by her feet and taking the clipboard from the woman. She initialed her name, still puzzled by the box and then passed the board back to the woman. "Thank you miss, and have a nice day." Before Karasuki could wish her well the woman sped away leaving Karasuki with her mouth half open, standing in the hallway with her kimono dangling around her shoulders. The purple haired mage went back to the box, taking it inside her room, and then closed the door.

    Karasuki checked it over again, but the tag still gave her name and only initials as a clue to where it came from. "Guess I should see what was so important that it got delivered straight away this morning." The summoner set her box on the table and opened it up: a personal hard cover book revealed that a man named Samuel Martin's diary had somehow ended up in her hands as well as a lacrima. Both had dark reddish brown stains upon them that made her more than wary. She had never heard of a Samuel Martin and having a blood-stained journal made her feel like her normal peaceful morning was about to get a lot more exciting. Things like this got innocent people killed or trapped in tragic situations. Karasuki felt her nerves creeping up on her and she went to first lock the door before taking a seat at the table and reading the journal with gentleness. Her eyes scanned the pages and as a swift reader she finished all of the entries in only a minute. What she read only encouraged that terrible feeling she felt inside. The purple haired woman set the book back in the box and lifted up the lacrima in order to listen to the recordings.

    At first it seemed harmless, a rune knight and his team investigating a curious case about a missing woman who seemed to have gone crazy. The written entries about the dead priest weren't encouraging but it sounded like a definite rune knight matter. Perhaps, she was stuck with the rune knight's mail by accident. Then, the last recording played openly, loudly in her room- a panting voice belonging to the leader, Lt. Jacob Lars as he described a serious scene of murder, of stalking, and of being the last one. If he was the last man on the scene, how could she have gotten his recorder? She dropped the recorder, her hands shaking as chills ran up her spine. She didn't want anything to do with this, but someone sent it to her specifically. Did Karasuki really have much of a choice of her own involvement? She wet her lips and rubbed her arms. Then she returned the recorder from the floor to the box and closed the box back up.

    Karasuki made a hasty decision to clean herself up, dress, and then go out into the city with the box and find another guild member, maybe even an Ace if she was lucky. As much as she enjoyed her solitude, this was a situation that she knew she would need aid in. So an hour later, dressed in a light pink sweater, boat-necked over one shoulder, some comfortable jeans and brown ankle boots, and a coffee colored jacket, Karasuki had made her way out onto the street looking frantically for the nearest Sabertooth member. The first person she saw and recognized was a female that she had not ever caught the name of, never mind spoken to, but this was a dire situation and she approached swiftly despite the fact the woman was a stranger to her. "Please, you're a Sabertooth member too right? I need help."

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