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    The Demon Enters (Gades Intro)

    Gades Saito

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    The Demon Enters (Gades Intro)

    Post by Gades Saito on Thu 13 Sep - 1:20

    Gades blinked as he had reached what looked like a safe haven, he had left the guild of Lamia Scale since he had seen it was on the brink of collapse so he hoped that whever he settled down this time would remain for a long time, he glanced up to see dusty skies and a very nice Bronze building before him. “I hope this is a good idea” he mumbled to himself as he approached the doors and he pushed them open as his white wings and tail emerged as if reacting to something in the air as Gades walked inside and glanced around.

    The first thing that hit his nose and eyes was blood and skulls, he could smell the blood heavily and strangely despite being such a strong scent in the air the color actually looked rather good in his eyes.”excuse me I’m looking to gain entry into this…place” he said not sure if this was a guild or some sinister group but he instantly hears the sound of females muttering but not in suspicion but in interest of the good looking demon.


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