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    Post by Narumi on 12th September 2018, 12:17 pm

    Narumi really needed to learn more about this world before she went ahead and just assumed the consequences of her actions. After half a day, the taste still didn't leave the kitsune's mouth. The gross tinge of bitter salt caused the girl to constantly suck her tongue back an try her hardest to get rid of the feeling. No matter how hard she tried though, nothing seemed to work. She only hoped most other mushrooms didn't have the same effect on her senses as those ones did. Of course it was probably common sense to not just go around eating random mushrooms found in the woods, but Narumi was different. She didn't exactly have common sense. Not in the normal way anyways. She was lucky enough that her body was resistant to most poisonous effects at least, but if she were anything else than what she was the fox probably would've been locked into a dream induced coma right now. Not that she could really help it though, she had been starving for days. Without any knowledge of where she was going, the fox had wandered deep into the wilds, exploring the strange new place she had heard was called Fiore. It was so far a wonderful place filled with all sorts of strange new adventures and danger! However, the danger normally got a lot closer to Narumi than she would've preferred. Only a few days prior the fox had decided it would be both funny and heroic to ruin a band of bandit's fun by destroying their stuff. The result was an angry horde of smelly humans chasing the kitsune through the wilderness. And now here she was. Alone, lost, and hungry enough to eat just about anything.

    She had her hands hoisted upwards as her head rested on her palms. A piece of straw in her mouth as her golden eyes looked to the landscape before her. It was going to be night soon. Hopefully whatever monsters the darkness summoned were more edible than those mushrooms...


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