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    It Takes More Than Meets The Eye;; Ambrosia/Fluffy.


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    It Takes More Than Meets The Eye;; Ambrosia/Fluffy. Empty It Takes More Than Meets The Eye;; Ambrosia/Fluffy.

    Post by Fluffy 7th September 2018, 11:35 am

    She very much enjoyed fighting with her bare hands, ripping into something with her claws or fangs! Nyx supposed it must have been left over from the time she spent in a feline body fighting without hands and consuming the corpses of sinners she slew. Following a god who existed because neverending war would always be a reality, she was eventually going to be required to pick up more tricks than gutting someone with her bare hands or doing something else with solely her body. Chaoris already had to give her one new body, the warrior did not want that to ever happen again, she had to ensure that her fighting capability kept growing just as her god's influence did and always would. This journey to better herself was what had led the woman to the depth of Motor City even though she normally would not come here for most any reason, it just was not her sort of location. She doubted anywhere in this place even had a single library, it was just a bunch of sweaty mechanics who didn't even fight each other like street gangs. Hey, that was an idea, someone should get some blood into their gears, show this place what war could be and how glorious honorable battle was. Objective first, then she could worship.

    Her white dress was already rather dirtied by the emission from the numerous vehicles she had passed, but this quickly became worse as someone's swiftly moving car splashed dirty water onto it. "This won't do." she didn't mind being dirty, her dress was rarely free from blood for very long and she had many, but that didn't mean she had to look dirty before she had even worshipped sometime today, it would make her goals harder. Sandal-clad feet carried her into one of the many stores contained within Motor City, this one providing some limited selection of clothing to chose from. Time for a little makeover!

    Nyx had been looking around the shop for a while, but eventually her brow furrow as she realized the only thing she ever really learned how to wear apart from this dress was her school uniform, she had practically lived in it. What in this store actually went together? She was considered by most to be an insane killer, but that didn't mean she couldn't care somewhat about what she looked like! She was still a young woman, so of course, she was going to care if her pants matched her shirt. "So much to pick from." it was overwhelming, maybe they just had a school uniform stashed in some corner or something.


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