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    Rune-Dress of the Blight-Monger. (W.I.P)


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    Rune-Dress of the Blight-Monger. (W.I.P) Empty Rune-Dress of the Blight-Monger. (W.I.P)

    Post by Lilim Fri 31 Aug 2018 - 5:33

    Name: Rune-Dress of the Blight-Monger
    Rank: Legendary(+)
    Type: Leather Armor
    First Image.:

    Rune-Dress of the Blight-Monger. (W.I.P) Anariel-armor-red2
    Alternate Image:

    Rune-Dress of the Blight-Monger. (W.I.P) Anariel-armor-red3
    This armor, being bound in leather and fabrics, seems that it wouldn't be the best armor for someone who doesn't want to have swords, knives and the like pierce their skin, however, this armor is more for the defense of the arcane rather than the physical. This armor, coated in abyssal runes, makes the user able to shift between the Physical, and Dream Realms.
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    Rune-Dress of the Blight-Monger. (W.I.P) Z8lAzQC

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