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    Slavery Problem In Bellum


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    Slavery Problem In Bellum Empty Slavery Problem In Bellum

    Post by Medeia 28th August 2018, 3:11 am


    Job Title: Slavery problem in Bellum
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: Must be at least D-Rank; Own a passport
    Job Requirements:5 posts. 100 words per post or a single post of 500+ words
    Job Location: Bellum
    Job Description: Theres a minor well... not minor, but rather very major problem with Bellum that involves slaves. The job however is minor scale in comparison. This job comes from a few residents in Bellum that couldn't dare ask their own country to stop the slavery and to abolish it. No, instead they turned to Fiore's own mages for help with this incident. Except this is fairly small. Due to Bellum enslaving all non-magical beings, those that are born without magic typically get abducted by someone with magic, and sold into slavery. Well, this doesn't always sit right with parents. In this scenario, two parents have hired you to release their child from slavery and to bring them back to them so they may escape Bellum as a family. Your job in this is short and sweet. The slave trade is going on, simply buy the child, money is nothing as the parents are fairly wealthy, but theres a problem, they don't want to be seen buying slaves, as they are trying to flee to a country that sees that as a huge problem. Although you can always find your own way to try and get the child out of slavery, just be warned those in charge are A-rank in strength & there are many of them. Good luck.
    Enemies: roughly 10+ A-rank in strength fully powerful mages. Do not try to engage without being a proper rank to do such.
    Reward: normal xp & 2k jewels

    She had found herself in some strange places before but the middle of a slavers trade auction was new to her. Sarisha had been tasked with retrieving a child who had been captured by slavers and was about to be sold to the highest bidder. A simple task but made more complicated by the fact that the parents did not want anyone knowing that they had anything to do with the slavers. A ridiculous situation and one that the mage could frankly did not care all that much about. However, they were offering jewels, so she had taken the job on regardless. They had,  insisted that she wear a disguise in order to hide her own identity from all those involved. She was not entirely happy about it but had eventually relented and was now wearing a robe, with a hood covering her head and a mask across her face, leaving the only part of her body uncovered were her crimson coloured eyes.

    For the most part, the auction was a rather dull event and Sarisha quickly lost interest in it, her eyes starting to wander and her attention beginning to drift. However, the sight of a young red haired girl brought her attention back to the auction, recognising her in an instant. She was definitely the child that she was supposed to buy and her hand was soon going up in order to bid for her. However, she was not the only one who seemed to be interested and a bidding war soon emerged between Sarisha and two other bidders. The price quickly sky rocketed  but the Goddess would not give in, continuing to fire back against the other bidders ever increasing bids. She had been told to bid whatever she had to and it was fortunate as well. By the time it was all over, the girl was roughly sold at about 30 times the amount that she had been expected to go for but thankfully, Sarisha had ended up winning.

    Once it was done, the mage made her way to the back of the auction house and claimed the girl as hers or at least, that was the lie that she told the slavers. She quickly handed the girl a set of robes to match her own and then quickly escorted her away from the place and back to where her parents had been anxiously waiting. The reunion between the three was touching although the mage had to wonder just how they had managed to get the girl captured in the first place but she kept that to herself and took her reward without complaint. Before she left, she pulled the father and aside and quietly whispered in his ear about how much it had cost to rescue the child and his apocalyptic reaction was absolutely priceless. Steam could have come out of his ears at that moment but eventually he realised that his daughter was more important. He thanked Sarisha for her work and then returned to his family.

    As for Sarisha, it was time to move on once more.

    (515 Words)

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