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    iLac (Job- Solo) Empty iLac (Job- Solo)

    Post by Catrinette on 26th August 2018, 3:37 pm

    Kiyoko had made up her mind- she did not like the Neutral Grounds. Magic was a part of her, and she did not like being cut off from it. Still, she didn't exactly have much of a choice. Not if she wanted the new device that everyone was talking about! Not that she was one of those people that was usually into the hot new thing, but let's be honest, the iLac was just plain useful. She didn't have very many people to call- maybe her older sister from time to time, but that was it- but there were other things to it too. Lacrima Net? How cool? And the Sorcerer's Weekly app? Well, she may be a dark mage, but reading it was her guilty pleasure- if only to make fun of all the legal mages who thought they were so great, and plan how she'd love to take them down some day. Oh, and the alarms? Yeah, she might have a small habit of oversleeping from time to time. And by that, she totally didn't mean almost every day...

    She sighed as she stared up at the building. Still, if she wanted the new device there was one big hurdle she had to get over- the tour. She had to make it through a tour of the factory without getting bored and messing with the machinery, breaking anything, or killing anyone. That could be a bit of a challenge. The boredom alone might kill her before she was finished. Still, she may as well get this over with.

    She stepped into the factory lobby, and the receptionist looked up at Kiyoko through the thickest wire-framed glasses she had ever seen.

    "Hello! I take it you are here for the tour?"

    "No, I'm lost." Kiyoko's face was deadpan at that statement. Apparently too much so.

    "Oh, I see. Here, tell me where you're going and I can help you out!"

    Kiyoko just stared at the overenthusiastic receptionist for a long moment, until the woman finally froze, realizing something was up.

    "...I was being sarcastic," Kiyoko finally clarified. "I am here for the tour."

    The woman was thrown off for a minute, then managed to regain her composure.

    "Ah, yes, I see! You're the only one we have here right now, so you'll get a private tour! Just sit over there, and I'll have a tour guide out for you in a few minutes!"

    Wow she needed to tone things down a few notches. Kiyoko sighed. Why did she always end up waiting? But she did as she was told, slouching down in the chair indicated and tapping her fingers impatiently on the arms as she waited.

    The tour guide eventually showed up, and Kiyoko followed him through the factory. She didn't care the least bit about what he was showing her, but she pretended to be interested, nodding and making trivial comments at the appropriate moments. Thankfully he seemed to like to hear himself talk, so she didn't have to make very many comments, and she made it to the end without destroying anything or anyone.

    She reached the end and turned to him expectantly. Thankfully, he had clearly anticipated that, and he produced one of the prized devices.

    "Here you go! If you need help learning to use it you can ask the receptionist for pointers."

    Yeah right. She didn't ask for help. She would figure it out, one way or another. She took it from him, finally smiling, which was rare for her, as she headed out.

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