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    Getting the Pass [Job]

    Loki Flygare
    Loki Flygare

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    Getting the Pass [Job] Empty Getting the Pass [Job]

    Post by Loki Flygare Thu 23 Aug 2018 - 11:16


    Job Link: To Earthland and Beyond
    Word Count: 524

    To be completely honest, Loki would have preferred to not have to do this at all. While yes, waiting in a line in itself was not that troublesome of a task, waiting in a line of very impatient people who just couldn’t contain themselves was in his opinion equivalent to a mild mental aneurysm. Really, all of them were going to reach the front and get their papers issued sooner or later, so what was the big deal with the amounts of people trying to skip ahead in line, or being rudely pushy? Was it so hard to wait for their turn quietly like a respectable citizen would? He’d swear he was going to develop a ringing headache very soon at this rate, with how loud this place was due to those few who simply had no chill in their bones.

    Internally sighing to himself, the redheaded man would turn his head to the side, choosing to observe the repairs that were being done in this town, secretly hoping it would make enduring this chaotic queue easier. Truthfully, it didn’t help much for it couldn’t plug his ears, but it had been worth the feeble try. Time to make a mental note to buy a pair of headphones with a good outside noise cancellation system in them. This task reminded him of how annoying big gatherings of people would be, especially when most of the loudness was not even your business in the slightest. Like that pair of guys a couple spaces ahead of him. They were having a really ear grating argument about which one of them was actually first in line, as if it even mattered when they were next to each other anyway. It was literally a fight over being one slot earlier, which Loki thought was beyond silly. They should at least save that energy for something that was more deserving of it, like a party or whatever else.

    Thankfully though, his ears and brain would soon be spared as another person shouted at the quarreling duo to shut their yaps, and after a few exchanges, the humbug seemed to have quieted down finally. Plus, the line was steadily getting smaller and smaller, meaning he’d soon be able to take his leave from here and find somewhere more peaceful to hang out at. Maybe do some reading research on things or whatever. It’d be highly preferable over this. Actually, maybe get quick lunch first, considering how the time was moving while he was stuck waiting here. Honestly, if it wasn’t that he would potentially need a passport to go places in the future, he’d likely decide to not go through this at all. Alas, chances were that he would, thus why he was here, filling up his annoyance meter with every passing minute.

    Well, at last, it was his turn to approach the officer, and he’d take the documents to read over, signing wherever it was necessary and all that formal stuff. There, done. It took a while for them to give him the finished product, but at that point, a little bit of extra wait was nothing after all....


    Getting the Pass [Job] Lokichan

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