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    Fear Tactics

    Mary Bonny
    Mary Bonny

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    Fear Tactics Empty Fear Tactics

    Post by Mary Bonny on 22nd August 2018, 11:46 am

    For once, the dark mage had a sensible request. She had to carry a cobra to the bed of a little child. It seemed rather sadistic and petty to bring a highly poisoned snake to a little kid, but it made sense in the context of her request. A new knight captain had taken it upon himself to investigate into Basilisk Fang. It was understandable that the new captain didn't knew what could happen if one did such a dangerous job so far away from home. So it was Mary's job to correct that and create a mutual understanding. He leaves us alone, and we won't murder his family in cold blood. Seems to be a pretty good deal.

    Te box with some holes in wasn't too big, and it wasn't too heavy either. She wondered if such a dangerous animal inside. of course, it's fangs were removed, but it probably could still strangle someone to death if it really, really wanted. For that reason she made sure to feed the snake a plenty during the journey. Not very fun because most of the food had to be cut in tiny parts because it couldn't chew by itself anymore. This made it quite a daily chore. The only good point about it was that it only had to be done on the way there. As taking the snake back with her would beat the point.

    The request only said she wasn't allowed to be captured. That meant being seen was not such a big deal. Actually... it would be nearly impossible to be unseen since she needs to bring the snake to the kids bed in the middle of the night.

    Arriving at the village she could get a good view of the town in the distance. It not being that big helped a lot. So it was much easier to plot her plan of attack. Simply put, it was only necessary that she got the snake in the bed of the kid. Other factors, like collateral damage, or the kid actually being in bed were irrelevant. But she had her plan, the small village would be in her favor. As soon as the village went quiet she would make her move.

    Night fell over the village. It was about 2 in the evening and there was only a very small crescent moon tonight. The village was barely lighted up, but staying in the dark for the entire time made the Basilisk Fang mage eyes used to the darkness outside. She took something out of her storage with her magic and went to the house next to that of their target. She placed her barrel down before hiding behind the target house. She took out Akzio and fired at the barrel. After which, she would duck away behind the house for the prying eyes that would soon enter the street.

    An explosion was heard throughout the entire town. The barrel was close to a storage place and had set a huge fire into that house. Sucks to be them, but this was very much to her advantage. multiple people hurried onto the street, after she heard the door of the house she was hiding behind open Mary entered the house with the box while the villagers were too busy making sure their entire village wouldn't go up in flames. She hurried upstairs and eventually found herself eye in eye with the kid.

    "Hey kid, Surprise!" She said as opened the box on the other end of the bed and kept the box upside down. The snake fell down on the bed. Mary then hurried back outside the house. She could hear the screams from the little kid on the upper floor, but the mother would not come. After all, she was too busy saving this village to help her little child.

    Outside the people were gathering water where they could. As soon as Mary set foot outside she ran outside the village. Her job already fulfilled there was no need for any further stealth. After all, whether the kid was killed by the snake or not, whether the village would be saved or not, those things didn't matter to her. She did her job and expected to be payed by her client.

    From the place she scouted the town earlier she had a new clear view over the town. The fire was starting to get under control. She couldn't help but admire the villagers hard work. Her only regret was that she wouldn't get to see the face of the captain's wife when she saw the snake in her child's bed.

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