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    Werewolf Hunt (Job w/ Lothric)


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    Werewolf Hunt (Job w/ Lothric)

    Post by Johann on Sun 12 Aug - 1:40

    Job Info:

    Once more finding himself stuck in his office, surrounded by small stacks of paperwork, all of varying height, the Vice President let out a sigh. He had neglected the work for the West Fiore Trading Company the past couple of days for personal reason, very good reason, but still, it had to be done. At least he had help from Artorias, his trusted advisor, knight, friend, who had taken some of the tasks that the VP didn't necessarily have to do himself, sitting on the couch in the corner, a pair of glasses on his nose, reading over the draft for this month's shipping register while Jo scribbled a signature on a letter before sealing it inside the envelope. Now more than ever the paperwork was tiresome to the man. It would take them the majority of their day to work through all of it.

    After a good few hours of work, only interrupted by short breaks, Johann finally folded and put away the last form he had just filled out, immediately standing up and stretching. "We really need to hire someone to do this stuff for us", Artorias taking off his pair of glasses and placing them on the table before himself. He didn't really have an issue seeing, after all the knight was a magical beast with heightened senses, though ... he wasn't really able to read or write common, and the enchantment of the magical item helped with that. "I agree, my lord", Johann immediately turning to the other man, raising an eyebrow "How many times do I have to tell you that I am no lord, Artorias ?", the falcon knight simply choosing to ignore his comment as always. He sighed. "Come on, my friend, let's go, I'm starving", the dark haired magical beast in human form firmly nodding his head. He, too, could use a bite.

    Johann, dressed in a simple pair of white trousers, about the only pants he had, a relic from his past state of mind, though his newfound dislike for intense and forced formality imploring to finally buy white clothing that was more comfortable and could be used as a company uniform, additionally wearing a simple, white shirt and a white jacket loosely hanging over his shoulders and arms. Greeting some familiar faces as he made his way to the Mess Hall of the West Fiore Trading Company's Headquarters building, moving through the entrance hall not with haste, but in an effort to avoid entanglement in any further situations that required his undivided attention before finally, and with a breath of relief, reaching the promised land, his favourite place in all of the HQ. A subtle smile on his face he strolled over to the counter, followed closely by Artorias, Johann ordering a large, 3 course meal while Artorias prefered to keep it simple, ordering only a main dish. Sitting down, the two started chatting, as they always did, though the subtle feeling of awkwardness with this new form of the VP causing the other slight discomfort, at least for the time being. Artorias was a fiercely loyal man, and had to get used to this new look. A few minutes later, a waiter brought two tablettes, the one for Artorias holding a single plate with steak, baked potatoes and steamed green beans with onions and bacon, while Johann's held at least twice as much food. A small basket of fresh ciabatta bread, fries, a sizeable, delicious looking burger and a slice of cake to top it all of. He couldn't wait to finally get to eat, both men grabbing their cutlery before starting to eat.

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    Re: Werewolf Hunt (Job w/ Lothric)

    Post by Lothric on Mon 13 Aug - 3:43

    Lothric let out a low sigh as her eyes wandered the job board. Find my cat, do this thing with these trees, hug these bears! The girl's hands came up to cover her eyes, groaning lightly. What... What even were these things? These were childplay... She was no child! Even the job board mocked her! She should cut it in half just for that!
    Her head shook back and forth as she tried to calm herself down. Such a simple matter to get worked up over, all it did was make her feel even more pathetic than before. Slowly, cautiously she looked back up at the jobs, her eyes instantly finding one labelled "Werewolf Hunt". How had she not seen it before, was she really that focused on the weak jobs that she had failed to notice the only one she actually took interest in?
    Well, maybe it was because she had blocked out any jobs she couldn't take, because this one was labelled as a C. She was visibly upset once more, sighing loudly, drowned out by the commotion of the guild hall. There were people she could ask to do it with, but instead of that she decided to ask... Him. The only person Lothric had ever spoken to from this guild for more than a few seconds.

    He was busy eating, she didn't want to disturb that, so she stood off to the side, inconspicuous, waiting until he finished - but she had to admit just watching him eat made her stomach hurt. She'd just ate as well, not very long ago, and yet the girl was already getting hungry again. She had to avert her eyes, look around, think about things other than food before she got hungry again. Twenty thousand jewel, that job paid. That was something Lothric wanted.
    Once he was done she would hesitantly walk over to the man, completely ignoring the other one sitting there. She did not bear interest in him or who she was and brought him no recognition for even existing.
    "Johann?" She spoke, softer than usual but still imperfect. She realized he looked a fair bit different, but she recognized his voice. "I found a job, but it's too high of a rank for me. Would you like to come with me?" She tilted her head, a small grin forcing it's way onto her mouth, struggling so much that it was impossible to tell if she was either really bad at faking, or really bad at feeling.

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