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    The Silver Sun atop the Clifftops Empty The Silver Sun atop the Clifftops

    Post by Lilim on Fri 10 Aug 2018, 03:19

    Lilim found herself among the Serene Cliffs after the incident with the burning hot warrior that she found flying around the Inter-dimensional space that made up the Wakusei Portal In-Between, training; Mainly in meditation, until she found that spark that made up the strange essence of power that gave her a single word each time she fed more magic into it: "Grow." After about what felt like the span of six seconds, which actually turned out to be six days, Lilim began tapping into this strange, glowing heat. Sooner rather than later, she found the strange heat to be... overwhelming. Whilst she couldn't remove the heat, Lilim did soon realize that my clothes except those which maintained my modesty along with her pants or skirts, burned away. It was weird, she have to admit, but it grew to be useful, as Lilim found she didn't have to keep replacing clothes as they shredded. However, her stockpile of shirts and the like will probably need a huge influx. The first time she activated the power that hid itself under her chest, the grass and tree leaves grey and became ash. She spent the few weeks after it working on manifesting the separate powers that she found to each be fragments of this strange new power.

    "Phew. It's been a while since I needed to actually train. This... isn't a bad feeling." she said quietly to herself, her eyes drooping lazily as the mostly blonde, then streaked by multiple colors fell beyond her face, framing her face wildly. Lilim laid in her hammock strung between two bark-scorched trees, staring at the sky; Sweat dripping down her face, and drenching her clothes. Lilim then began to hum a small tune, wistful but happy in a way.


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