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    Watch The World Burn

    Sarisha Huxx
    Sarisha Huxx

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    Watch The World Burn

    Post by Sarisha Huxx on 9th August 2018, 1:54 pm

    Job Description:
    Job Title: Watch the World Burn
      Rank: D
      Player Requirements: 1-2 D Raked mages.
      Job Requirements: Burn the entire farm: Barn, Crops, and Farmhouse. 500 words per person
      Job Location: Neutral Grounds
      Job Description: Soon it will be harvest season for all the crops, though one man, Mr.Jekis will have the most produce by the end of the season. He always does, and the rest of the farmers are fed up. They want you to go to Mr.Jekis's land and burn it all to the ground. They don't care how, just get the job done.

    Mr.Jekis doesn't like people tampering with his field and will do anything to stop you. He comes complete with a gardening hoe. A few melee attacks should take care of him.
      Reward: 1,000 Jewels

    Humming to herself, Sarisha undid the top of the petrol can and calmly started spraying its contents all over the field, wrinkling her nose at the smell of the foul substance. A bizarre task to say the least but that was what the job called for. Apparently, the owner of this particular farm was blessed with the finest soil in the region, meaning that his crop count was always far higher than the rest by the end of the season. The other farmers were the jealous types, however and had managed to sway her in to aiding them with their plot for revenge. She found the thought of a water mage burning down anything to be quite ironic but she agreed to it none the less. She was always up for spreading a little carnage and her soul mate was desperate to experience the pleasures of it once more, something that Sarisha could not have agreed with more. Her defeat of Silverspoon had been a pleasurable nights work indeed and she was eager to stick with that kind of work.

    When she had sprayed enough of the liquid, the purple haired mage then returned to the edge of the field and proceeded to set it alight, with the aid of a box of matches that she had brought with her for the occasion. The field went up in an instant and Sarisha had to be quick on her toes in order to get out of the way. Knowing that it would surely attract the farmer's attention, she quickly dashed over towards the nearby barn and cast another match on to the nearest bale of hay. It easily caught alight and was soon creating a second fiery wave of destruction, burning everything around it to cinders.

    Turning away from the barn, she found herself face to face with the angry farmer, wielding a gardening hoe, his face crimson with anger. He did not utter a word but there was no need for him to speak. The expression splashed across his features was as clear as day, an expression that caused a pleasurable shiver to run down Sarisha's spine. It seemed like she would get a taste of the action after all although she doubted that the farmer would be much of a threat. What was he going to do? Prod her to death? Dropping the petrol can, she entered a fighting stance, ready for him.

    He charged forward to try and run her through but the mage easily dodged to her left, before catching him in the face with a powerful punch, her hands and arms surrounding with water as she struck him. It caught him flush and he dropped the hoe in shock, leaving himself open to attack. Sarisha moved in and delivered two further punches to the body, before picking up his own hoe and stabbing him in the abdomen with it. He fell to his knees, holding his stomach, blood starting to seep through his clothes. The sight of that caused a sense of elation to run through the mage and as she moved behind him to deliver the final blow, a flash of pleasure sparkled in her crimson coloured eyes. She pushed him to the floor with her foot so that he was laying on his stomach, before impaling him in the back with his own weapon. The force was enough to pass not only through him but the cold earth below as well.

    Leaving him to die from the blood loss, Sarisha picked up the petrol can and wondered over to her last port of call, the farmhouse itself. It was a nice place too and the mage briefly thought about robbing it but in the end, she simply decided to burn it down. Entering the house, she sprayed what remained of the petrol can's contents around the room, before lighting one last match and setting fire to the place.

    With a nod of satisfaction, she then took her leave of the place, leaving it all to burn, her mission complete.

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