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    ☪ Forað Bygð ☪

    Jinx the Dragon Waifu
    Jinx the Dragon Waifu

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    Star ☪ Forað Bygð ☪

    Post by Jinx the Dragon Waifu on 8th August 2018, 5:29 pm

    Forað Bygð

    Near the Ancient Ruins, lies the entrance to a cave. Within that cave, is the hidden home of Jinx, a mage from Sabertooth who was once known as the Evil Dragon, Fafnir. She had her soul and powers sealed into a demi-human vessel. Forað Bygð, also known as the monster's dwelling is where Jinx lives.

    Path to the Entrance:

    Front Door:

    Living Room:

    Guest Bathroom:

    Kitchen/Dining Room:


    Guest Bedroom/Relaxation Room:

    Meditation Room:

    Master Bedroom:

    Master Bathroom:

    Underground Pool:


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    Post by Lilium on 24th August 2018, 1:37 pm

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