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    To Earthland and Beyond!


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    To Earthland and Beyond! Empty To Earthland and Beyond!

    Post by Deshitana 8th August 2018, 5:20 pm

    If there was one thing Lazarus hated more than just a bustling crowd clogging up a pathway, it was a loud bustling crowd where everyone and their grandmother gathered. And that…that was exactly the type of crowd that the creature found itself in as went to the Docks in order to obtain a passport. The reason for wanting the passport was simple, the creature wanted to travel and not be barred; however, the price to get a passport alone was enough to make eyes bulge in disbelief. It was not cheap, but the cat figured it would be worth it provided that he survived this mess of people trying to get one also.

    The first that he needed to do was get the paper work. Alright, so he managed to do that after almost getting knocked over by a rather large lady that was trying to shove her way to the front of the line. Grabbing the paperwork needed, he would find a corner mostly free of the madness and plop down to fill out the endless pages that came with these sorts of documents. It took him about 10 minutes to do it all before he was standing up once more.

    Dancing around a run away child, the creature would get back into the line and wait as it trudged along slowly towards the counters up front. As he waited, he was pushed, shoved, yelled at, stepped on, and even almost attacked as the insane crowd around him impatiently tried to get to the same spot all at once before the next person. It got to the point where the line was no longer a line, but rather a maze of skill to get to the front. Shoving a person off of him for the umpteenth time, the creature would wrap his tail around himself as his ears folded downward in irritation.

    Looking around the area, he would spot an opening in the crowds that would get him closer his goal and so taking a chance he would move from his spot and slip right into that opening only getting a glare from the man that wasn’t paying attention and in turn lost his spot. Letting glares roll off of him, the creature would continue to watch for openings and move into them. Sure it wasn’t the nicest way to go about things, but it was the most effective way of getting what he needed to do done.

    He wasn’t about to be pushed around more than needed and he be damned that he'd try and hold out patiently in these so called lines that were created here. In any case, it took about 30 minutes of careful slipping and sliding into spots before he was finally at the counter where after the woman had looked at his paper work, they called him back to take a picture. Despite being rattled from the wait outside, the creature managed to give the best smile he could for the picture and after that he was told to wait in a thankfully quiet waiting area for the passport to print out.

    He'd wait 2 hours in a room with a grumpy looking old lady before receiving his passport and in turn his ticket out of this place. Escaping the madness of the Docks, the cat would pause not too far away to double check the work that was done. When he found no errors on it, he would put the document in a safe place so he wouldn’t end up losing it and having to go through that madness again.

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