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    Can I please get a new partner?[job/Ahote]


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    Can I please get a new partner?[job/Ahote] Empty Can I please get a new partner?[job/Ahote]

    Post by Brynn 6th August 2018, 10:08 pm

    Akily looked over to the job boards, and realized that she had to get herself off of her butt and do something for the Universe Spirit. She could not sit around all day like the idiotic fools by the bar. She always hated those people. They didn't do much but mess around all day instead of getting serious, and being dedicated to the guild. The guild was something that deserved her respect, but the people that only used this for a shelter, didn't. She expected the guild master to do something about it, but like usual, he wasn't doing anything about it. He was going to let those people sit around all day, and make a fool of themselves instead of actually doing something about it. Either way, whether he did something about them or not, Akily wasn't going to end up like them, not even thinking about things. She knew for a fact that she had to be busy. It was the least she could do for the Universe Spirit, and the least she could do for the guild. If those guys weren't going to spread the name of the guild, then Akily was as well as spread the name of the Universe Spirit too. She wasn't going to rest until her message was spread. All of a sudden, a little thought clicked in her head as they mashed together from the thoughts she was thinking just a few moments ago. As anger filled up her eyes, she knew that she needed to test what this "guild master" could do. She wasn't going to let him off scot free for doing barely nothing for the guild. If he wasn't going to own up for his title, the least he could do is do some sort of job with her.

    With that, she walked towards Ahote. Rage filled her eyes, clearly showing she would not take no for an answer. No wasn't an option here, for either of them. Akily knew she had to get some things done, and Ahote better know that he has to get off his lazy bum, or Akily will make him. Either way, they both needed this. As she saw him, she raised her voice angrily at him, "You and me are going on a job. You are going to show me you aren't a spoiled brat, and that you are actually worth something. I didn't join the guild for you to show me your lack of skills at leadership. So, go on a job with me. At the very least I can gain a sliver of respect for your authority. Your creed doesn't mean anything if you can't prove yourself to your lowers. So, are you going to do a job with me, or are you going to lose more respect for yourself than you have been." Akily glared into his eyes. She knew this was dangerous territory and all, but she wasn't going to back down now. She has loyalty towards the guild, and respect for it. That doesn't mean the people in it will ever get it. In order for them to, they have to do something worthy of Akily's respect. Whether that be from doing an intense job, or maybe something else. However, sitting around and drinking water, juice, alcohol, were no way for them to receive it.



    Can I please get a new partner?[job/Ahote] 3UHCyoD

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