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    Post by Claire Apollyon 6th August 2018, 12:40 pm

    Job Information:

    Job Title: To Earthland...And Beyond!

    Rank: D

    Player Requirements: Must be at least D-Rank and have joined a Guild or be a wandering mage. If you've joined a Dark Guild, you must claim too be from one of the Light Guilds or your passport will not be issued.  

    Job Requirements: 5 posts. 100 words per post. (or 500 words total)

    Job Location: Hargeon Town or Rose Garden

    Job Description: A huge line of bustling people are going nuts in front of the Docks, it looks like Wall Street on a bad day. Families, children, old folks attempting to go on vacation; everyone's clamoring for a Passport! Count Sparrow and the Magic Council have reopened Fiore's borders to outsiders, and in turn, have opened the borders too Seven, Bosco, and Minstrel as a show of peace.

    Fiore, along with Bellum and Seven has always produced some of the most skilled wizards in all of Earthland; and so, the Magic Council has decided to offer the services of our wizards here in Fiore abroad in other Nations (for a hefty fee of course!); obtain your passport! Cut in line! Or wait in line! Do whatever is necessary! Because people are going crazy trying to get their entire families Passports registered!

    Enemies: (None)

    Reward: Passport (Access to International Jobs and Casual RPing in Other Nations)


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