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    [Black Rose x Basilisk Fang] BUILDING BRIDGES


     [Black Rose x Basilisk Fang] BUILDING BRIDGES Empty [Black Rose x Basilisk Fang] BUILDING BRIDGES

    Post by Guest on 6th August 2018, 12:37 pm


    RANK: B
    JOB LOCATION: Silver Moon Inn
    SOLO WORD COUNT: 4,500 words
    GROUP WORD COUNT: 7,500 words
    ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Must have a member of both Black Rose and Basilisk Fang in the party. Have the party be B rank or equivalent.
    A member of Basilisk Fang is visiting the Silver Moon Inn in some sort of sad effort to establish cross-guild connections. Black Rose’s administration has asked you to serve as their waiter/waitress and serve (and do) whatever they want while also trying to make smalltalk. Must not the public let onto the idea that Black Rose is conspiring with a dark guild, as well. The guild will pay you for your troubles.
    ~ ~ ~
    The higher-ups of Black Rose have sent an invitation to anyone in Basilisk Fang wanting a free meal in a shameless attempt to string the two guilds together. They even promise that a Black Rose mage will be serving you--and were told to do whatever you want--no matter the circumstance. Just don’t try to blow your cover in public. Your guild will pay you for your trouble.
    REWARD: 25,000 jewels, B rank EXP

    -- credit to Seth Augusta

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