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    Cutesy Cuddles [Job w/ Ada]


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    Cutesy Cuddles [Job w/ Ada]

    Post by Kai on 5th August 2018, 6:28 am

    Kai stretched his arms above his head with a quiet yawn, arching his back in the process; a failed attempt to reduce the aching in the muscles of his lower back. With a disgruntled sigh he lowered his arms, taking the time to ruffle his spiky, blond hair in the process. The local inn bed had been less than satisfactory, but anything was better than sleeping outdoors on a cold, wet night. Kai carefully reached into the pocket of his long, baggy jeans as he stood up and put them back on, taking out a small piece of paper simultaneously. The words on the paper consisted of information regarding a request for someone to test some soft toys in exchange a rather ludicrous amount of jewels in his opinion, but he wasn’t going to complain about being overpaid for a simple job. His yellow eyes scanned the document, rereading the address, if he was correct the shop was just down the street from the inn.

    Kai pulled on his white shirt that was a little tighter than he would have prefered but it did show off his muscular build quite nicely, something he didn’t have too many qualms with. With one last stretch and yawn he made his way out of the room in the inn and down the stairs. There were already a few others up and about, some eating breakfast and others having the first of many drinks for the day. The blond simply walked up with a smirk to the barkeeper to pay his tab for the night, including a meal the evening beforehand and a couple of drinks, nothing too extravagant. While he’d normally having something quirky to stir up trouble, he didn’t exactly feel like it today, besides today was the anniversary, one he’d rather forget about with drinking. Unfortunately for Kai needed money and he couldn’t let an opportunity like this one slip by. So instead he found himself walking towards the location of the local toy store as the crisp sea breeze of the port town brushed against his skin. He arrived well on time and took out a key he had received from the owner the day before to unlock the front door. As he stepped inside he suddenly remembered the owner had also mentioned that he wouldn’t be working alone, however, he had failed to tell Kai who would be joining him or what they looked like.

    The blond looked around, the store was in fairly good condition, the shelving even appeared to be recently replaced. He had expected it to be run down, besides a toy shop couldn’t be that lucrative of a business, perhaps the owner had a few tricks up their sleeve for getting people to pay for his products. Kai wondered to himself just how good these plush toys must be as he read a price tag on the closest stuffed teddy bear; 100,000 jewels. His face instantly turned shocked, who would pay such a ridiculous amount, were they really worth it? Well he was in charge of testing them, he would find out soon enough, still he highly doubted that someone would pay such an absurd price for just a stuffed toy.

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    Re: Cutesy Cuddles [Job w/ Ada]

    Post by Adalinda on 5th August 2018, 7:05 pm

    The black haired, iron dragon slayer was reading over a paper while walking off of the boat she traveled on. Her purple exceed, Tamaria, had offered for her to carrying her slayer from Togalen to Fiore, but she had been stubborn and refused her exceeds help and consumed a copious amount of alcohol to keep the side effects of her motion sickness at bay. Setting foot on land, Ada was able to get her head back on straight, after she took one extra sip from her horn. She set off for this toy factory, and wanted to see about getting a few for her newborns before she set off to do more jobs in the future. When she approached the shop, she noticed that the door had just been opened and she places her hand on the hilt of her sword before she stalked forward to the doors. Tamaria tenses up a bit and looks at the door upon her friends shoulders as they quietly entered. Adalinda, of course, smelled the others scent, and glares. "Oye! Who's in here?" She of course knew there would be another working with her, she had gotten a notice from the shop owner about it, but she assumed they'd wait in front so a confrontation like this wouldn't happen.

    Her blue eyes settled on a figure not too far from her and goes up to them, putting her hand gingerly on their shoulder as she smiled. "I'm terribly sorry, but is there a reason you're in this shop?" She glanced over at the bear the person had been looking at, and nearly went bug eyed at the price of it as the tag was in her direction. Good thing her and Yuudai made enough together to be able to buy at least one of the bears. Shaking her head, the slayer looks back to the blond guy that she held the shoulder of, and gave a small smile to him. "Shouldn't ignore you now. Mind telling me your name?" The exceed sitting on her shoulder glanced down a bit and patted her head. "Ada! He has a paper! I think he's the guy who we're working with!" She quickly glanced down to the paper in the guys hand, before removing her hand from his shoulder. "Sorry if you are, but can you blame me? I come to the shop and see the doors open and some person in here?" She nervously rubs the back of her head.

    Tamaria takes a deep breath and lets herself float down to the ground as she crossed her purple arms over her chest. "I'm sorry for her. She likes to jump a bit to conclusions sometimes. I'm Tamaria, and this is Adalinda Ortinbras." She says as her purple eyes looks up to the guy before them. "You are here to help test the softness of these teddy bears, right?" Tamaria rubs her forehead as she glances to Adalinda. "As an executive in training for the West Fiore Trading Company... you officially suck right now..." The cat mutters, making Ada groan. "C'mon Tammy! It's my first day! Jeez! Behave yourself too!" The girl gave an apologetic look to the other person for her exceed calling her out like so, taking a deep breath.

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