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    Post by Tesoro Family on 3rd August 2018, 10:52 pm


    The bank is separated into two areas, guild purchases is for ace slots, spells, extensions and guild pets. Under member purchases there will be a list of the equipment brought and loaned out by the guild. All purchases are to be recorded.
    People who have been part of the guild for three months or more may request the guild to purchase equipment or an item on their behalf. If they have a character change or leave the guild then they will either forfeit the item or have to pay it back.
    If a character falls inactive for 6 months then the loaned item will automatically come back to the guilds bank.
    The GM may take back items into the bank at any time.

    Guild Purchases
    Guild extension level 5 (unused)
    Guild extension level 4  Mt. Hakobe Settlements board
    Guild extension level 3 Castle of Eternal Night
    Guild extension level 2 Dungeons
    Defensive Guild Pet (unused) 
    Three Guild Spells  (unused)
    Four ace slots  (unused)
    Artifact+ weapon, armor, item for guild pet (unused)

    Member Purchases

    Debts Paid

    Purchase Request
    Request the guild to purchase something for you. Please be specific, remember you must have been part of the guild for three months or more.
    [color=#5933B8]♖ Name[/color] :
    [color=#5933B8]♖ Item Requested[/color] :

    Debt Repayment
    If you have had something brought for you and wish to repay it then post here. Otherwise we will come and take your cheese to make up for the jewel owed.
    [color=#5933B8]♖ Name[/color] :
    [color=#5933B8]♖ Debt being payed[/color] :
    [color=#5933B8]♖ Proof of transaction[/color] :

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