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    Just Another Picture [Job|Solo]


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    Just Another Picture [Job|Solo] Empty Just Another Picture [Job|Solo]

    Post by Nyx 2nd August 2018, 6:20 am

    Nyx may not look or act like it but she is rather intelligent, more than some. Above average is a term you could use. This display, however, was more common sense than intelligence. The docks were jam packed with people trying to get passports, so right after receiving an iLac, instead of actually going home like she told herself, promised herself she would, she came here instead. Leaving this place was going to be a big part of her life, easily, so she needed a passport.

    How was one to get a passport when it was so full? Well the answer was simple: come here at night. Not just 'it's kind of dark out" night, we're talking about three in the morning. That, on top of the fact that she had just walked here from the factory and you had a very, very, very sleepy kitty that has had no rest today. Nyx was almost deprived of it at this point, yawning every few minutes, wiping, pawing her face, occasionally sitting down on a bench to rest. She caught herself starting to fall asleep a few times.

    God damn she needed to sleep more, this was stupid. Granted, she was only this tired because she hadn't slept today in particular, but this wasn't much worse than how she was normally by the time the day was half over. Nyx rubbed her eyes, plopping her rear down on another bench along her path to the docks. She bent her back over the top of the bench, staring up at the sky. It was... Pretty, she admitted. She liked the sky. It was dark, but still bright enough to be loved. She didn't understand why it was so attractive to her, or to anybody for that matter. She didn't know why she would look up at the sky when she felt lost, or when she was idle, or any other time she did it, all she knew was that it was relaxing.

    Nyx had to really fight the urge to lay down on that bench. She was much better than that! Sleeping on benches was for the weak, and she wasn't weak! She was strong!
    Well, she liked to think that, anyway.
    The cat reluctantly pushed herself up to her feet, yawning once more, stretching her arms, before moving on once again. The building for passports wasn't that big, as she expected, and also as she expected it was empty. That's right, nobody was as smart as Nyx!
    She didn't really engage in much conversation with her photographer besides the necessary information; name, age, guild, however she did perk up and look happy for the camera. Luckily her eyes were void of bags, and her face was free of lines, so she looked like she had gotten plenty of sleep. Wonderful, amazing. Nyx thanked the man with the camera, leaving the building, walking away, walking home. It was on a flying city, but that wasn't going to stop her.

    She was going to go sleep now. For real this time.

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