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    Revelations and Old Memories

    Sara Ravencrest
    Sara Ravencrest

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    Revelations and Old Memories Empty Revelations and Old Memories

    Post by Sara Ravencrest on 31st July 2018, 11:06 pm

    It was raining heavily today in clover, some restaurants weren't even working due to the rain, not expecting any customers today, a few shops here and there were open but that was about it. The streets were empty, except for the lone dark haired girl with a travelers backpack. That was Sara soaked wet from head to toe, hair clinging to her coat and changing into an even darker shade of black. It didn't really look like she cared as she continued moving through the rain, not even trying to avoid it or run home like most people would, no instead she walked in the middle of the street as she took in the sights of the town. It hadn't changed since she left, maybe a few different shops here and there but it looked the same as five years ago. She moved past a closed ice cream shop and  memories of her childhood invaded her mind. A young girl happily eating her ice cream as an older couple looked at her with smiles filled with love and happiness. The older couple and the child we're all more distinct then the rest of the crowd of people on that sunny day. Having a darker shade of black hair that stood out from the rest of the dark haired  people. Shaking her head Sara continued moving, she wasn't here to appreciate good memories.  Her stroll through the town had finally came to a stop, in front of a lit ramen stand, staring at for a few minuets, she decided to enter it pushing the covers as the smell of hot ramen invaded her senses. The ramen chief was a man in his late fifties his hair was still gray and not white, as he was about to greet his new unexpected customer in this bad weather, he nearly dropped his ladle as he took in the person in front of him . Sara stared at the man behind the counter, a smile making its way across her face "Hey old man, its been a while" her smile never leaving her face as she placed her backpack to the side of one of chairs and took a seat. Finally getting out of his stupor he retorted "Its been five years, and after you come back you just 'been a while' , and your still disrespectful, i'm not that old you brat" through out his ranting he was swinging his ladle from side to side, before stopping a smile finally making its way across his own face now. " I take it, its the usual?" He asked and in return Sara nodded as the chief got to work. A few minutes had passed in silance, before a steaming bowl was placed in front of Sara. Time passed by as the chief would bombard the young girl with question after question, it looked like a child that hadn't visited her granddad In a while. Sara answered every question and even told him if her new team, and her adventures up until this point. "So what brought you back to Clover, I doubt its just to stop by and see me" he asked. A couple of minutes had passed before she spoke again, telling him that she came to visit her old house. As she got up and was about to pay, he told her that it was on the house and with a wordless thank you and took her backpack, leaving into the rainy streets of the town.

    Her old house was located close to Clover it was a ten to fifteen minutes walk upwards a hill before you would get to a clearing where a spacious house was located with a ttaining field that still had a dummy, and a garden.   Entering the house she noted something, nothing was touched since the last time she was here, it was like nobady had entered up untill now dust covering everything. Moving towards the fireplace, she picked up a picture that was above it, and cleared the dust covering it so it could actually been seen what was on said picture. It was a small family picture of her and her parents. Silent tears streamed down her cheeks. Entering another room, with a large bed a little nightstand, desk and a bookshelf  she gasped, there in the room was an open window with a lone raven sitting there with what looked to be a letter in its mouth. Strolling slowly to it, she grabbed the letter ,the raven flew away. Opening up the sealed letter she read through it.

    'To my little raven, if your ever reading this, then has happened to me and your mother. I don't know when your going to get this letter, but I hope that you've been doing well. I hope all the training we put you through a child is serving you well. If your wondering why we did it, it was so you could learn to protect yourself. The Ravencrest name is old and it was once considered a royal family due to our special magic, protect the family name with pride as by now you are probably the last pure blooded Ravencrest alive. But know this, no matter if your good or evil, we will always love you'

    She had instantly recognized her fathers handwriting and had read through each word carefully. She now knew why they had trained her from an early age, she now knew that her name was special. Looking into the now parting, new determination burned through her, bring pride to the family name that was her new motivation . Pocketing the note she, went back to the fireplace and taking a look at the family picture again before she took it with her. Going outside the rain clouds now gone leaving the sun shining brightly, she moved up to a cliff overlooking the town bellow her, Sara smiled as the raven from before landed on her shoulder, it was time to get back to the guild, to her team. It was time to go home, but before that she had one more stop, more ramen before going home wasn't going to be a problem.



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