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    Meeting Upon An Unspoken Path


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    Meeting Upon An Unspoken Path

    Post by Aura on 31st July 2018, 11:49 am

    It had been one of those nights days afterwards, when his words had still laid fresh upon her mind, that Kenna had found herself wide awake after a rather particular dream. A dream she forgot the details of as soon as she opened her eyes, but of which the feeling remained within her. A need to find something she had lost. But what was it she had lost, among all those things? She sat upright and pulled the blankets up to her chin, covering herself up in a warm cocoon of cloth as she stared into the darkness of her small room, and at the light from outside that shone through her small window. A sigh escaped her lips, and with it a soft current of wind blew through the room, caressing her skin. It startled her. There was no way any type of breeze could get into the room… so how? The dragon slayer let out a short yelp as she looked back in front of her and noticed a shadowy figure looking back at her, eyes flaring red pupils in the darkness. Its arm extended towards her with a beige cylinder object in it. It extended said arm until it nearly reached her, then dropped the parchment and disappeared the moment it touched her bedlinen. ”W-what was…. Akhator, was that you?” The fire god replied almost instantly within her mind. ”If only. I’m just as baffled as you child, mostly because I didn’t even feel its presence...utmost concerning.” His voice betrayed he was frowning, even though he didn’t have a physical body to do so. Avide replied right after. ”Milady, same counts for me. Neither seen nor hurt until you noticed it.” Kenna sighed, had to dismiss her worry regarding the shadow as the parchment he left before her instinctively called out for her attention. Her fingers slid across the smooth paper, broke the seal upon it with a single snap, and started reading the contents of what seemed to be a request… addressed to her personally.

    Mysterious Individual wrote:

    I’ve seen you from afar. You seem strong, but I want to see if you are truly worthy, and therefore I wish to observe that strength for myself. Thus I bring this challenge before you; head towards the Forest of Lost Cries, where sunshine no longer penetrates the ground and defeat the forces that have tainted to world within. If you succeed, the path towards your salvation shall reveal itself before you... as will the reward.

    We shall meet again if you fulfil my expectations.

    It was as such that as soon as the sun shone its rays upon the rooftops of Ace of Spades that Kenna had set out for Spooky Forest. Unknowing why now of all times she did not seem bothered by going out alone. Something called her from far away. The letter bearing the request to her had a more powerful message than just that. It felt like her gut told her that by taking on this request rather than to dismiss it, she would gain that long-lost thing she dreamt of. She’d recognise it when she’d come across it, she reckoned. With that intent she had left the village behind. At the rise of dawn, without any of her companions to join her. Avide had been confined to remaining at home, to the large dragon’s disbelief. He must be sulking somewhere right now.

    For two days she travelled at a relaxing pace, taking train, carriage and her trusty legs to carry her to her destination, which now loomed in the distance like an omen. Spooky Forest. It brought back some memories she’d rather not be remembered of, if she had to be fair. Yet she could not deny what had happened here before had made her stronger. Today this challenge would do too. The trees, nature and very atmosphere in the vicinity changed the closer she got to the actual forest; life seemed to trade for death, and light for darkness. Followed by a deafening silence as she stared at the forest before her. The looming darkness. The eerie feels. The ravenhaired demoness swallowed an upcoming lump in her throat and stared at the forest. Akhator, as supportive as ever, sneered within her mind for her wavering bravery, and saw it affect the maiden in the way she’d expected it to do. ”I’m not scared! Watch me, you presumptuous ass.” ”Cute, now off you go scaredy cat. Ain’t got all day to piss your pants.” Kenna muttered some utmost colourful cussing vocabulary underneath her breath, all directed at the fire god’s soul within her as she stampeded off into the forest. Nigh aware of the many dozens of eyes already following her every move.

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    Re: Meeting Upon An Unspoken Path

    Post by Itori on 13th August 2018, 2:31 pm

    Omens were a fickle thing. They could come in many forms, and rarely could they be read accurately until the time came that their interpretation was vital. Or sometimes they weren't even hints towards the future: sometimes they just guided your hand. Today was an example of the latter.

    Itori was out in the fields, trying to gather some food. While she could always go shopping inside civilization she didn't want to get too accustomed to getting all of her food from stores. If a time came that she couldn't rely on shops and markets she'd still need to be able to gather food on her own terms. As her sandalled feet waded through tall grass the kitsune looked around, vermillion eyes sharp and her nose tilted slightly upwards as she sniffed the air. No wildlife directly in her surroundings, no choice but to keep moving onwards. At least her mask prevented the animals of the wild easily spotting her, otherwise this could take the entirety of the day.

    A twitch of her ear and the white-tailed medium stopped walking, instead looking upwards as a shadow moved across her face. High above her something fluttered in the breeze, slowly falling downwards. A scrap of parchment, except it was too regular for it to just be a piece of trash. Furthermore, the closer it came to the ground the more clear it became that it would end right on top of Itori, so the fox patiently waited for it to finish its slow descent. Once the parchment was low enough she held out her hand, the wind carrying the scrap right into her hand even before she used her thumb to prevent it blowing away again. Bringing it down to her face she read the letter silently.

    Mysterious Individual wrote:
    Spirit Fox,

    You seem strong, and to see if you are truly worthy I wish to observe that strength for myself, and thus bring this challenge before you; head towards the Forest of Lost Cries, where sunshine no longer penetrates the ground and defeat the forces that have tainted to world within. If you succeed, the path towards your salvation shall reveal itself before you... as will the reward.

    Free the soul bound by greed

    Itori read the letter several times, after which the parchment was consumed in a brief burst of pale blue flames. With the ashes scattering upon the winds the humanoid fox stood there for minutes, then turned around and headed towards the Forest of Lost Cries, more commonly called the Spooky Forest by many. She had no clue who had written the letter or what their true intentions were, but she felt like she couldn't just dismiss this out of hand.

    Approaching the outskirts of the forest Itori narrowed her eyes behind her mask as she could already sense that this was an unusual place. The liveliness of the world outside couldn't penetrate the still shadows that engulfed the forest. This was a place inhabited by the nastier type of spirits, who filled the air with negativity and who would possess the weakminded if given an opportunity. Standing in front of the first tree Itori placed her hand against the bark, concentrating briefly before shaking her head. She couldn't get rid of this gloomy aura. It was ancient and as much part of the forest as the trees themselves. She might be able to remove individual spirits, but this place would attract the darker type of spirits no matter how many she might exorcise.

    Instead of wasting her time feeling bothered by this knowledge the fox stepped inside, her own presence barely noticeable as her mask made her appear more a wandering ghost than an actual person. Her white and red quickly faded in with the rest of the gloomy outgrowth as she made her way deeper, her ears sharp and directed outwards as her vermilion eyes scanned the world before her. Her eyes weren't as sharp as those of humans, but she still had the better night vision. Together with the gloomy aura the forest had the typical results of being inhabited by the lower kind of spiritual entity: the trees might have plenty of leafs to somewhat justify the darkened atmosphere, but they had grown twisted and with faded colours. No surprise that it was called the Spooky Forest.

    As she walked Itori abruptly turned her head as she head footsteps from someone else, her own muffled by the enchantment of her mask. Those weren't footsteps of a spirit. Who else was here, and why would they visit this place? Her three tails trailed behind her as she moved away from her own path and instead silently headed towards the other person who had decided to infiltrate this forest, relying on her own stealth and the power of her mask to let her get the first look. If this was someone who had just wandered in by accident (unlikely as that was) she'd have to make sure they got out safely before she continued her own journey. This place wasn't safe for outsiders.

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