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    Radiant Dragon? (Open)


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    Radiant Dragon? (Open) Empty Radiant Dragon? (Open)

    Post by SeaGlass on Mon Jul 30, 2018 4:15 am

    Returning from her latest job, Arcadia headed straight to the bar. She ordered her favorite watermelon and strawberry juice mix, taking it over to a table. She stirred her juice while chilling the glass, stirring and stirring until all was turned to slush. Arcadia felt a lot like she was getting her footing around here. Her first couple jobs hadn't all gone as smoothly as she had wanted, but they could've gone worse.

    After this last one in Era, how sick she felt on the train had her thinking it could be dangerous to travel so far on her own again. Maybe she could use the help of some of her new friends next time. She was bound to run into a job too difficult for herself alone,. If  that happened while she  feeling less than stellar, then all Khione Glacier's work in training her and sacrifice would come to nothing.  

    The first person that came to mind to ask was Nessa. The young dragon slayer had come to think of her as the closest she's ever had to a big sister, even in the short time she'd been in FairyTail. A little asking around a day or three earlier, taught her Nessa and Aven made up one of the guilds' teams, Radiant Light. The bartender sure talked a lot sometimes.

    It wouldn't hurt to ask if she could join.....and maybe they could help Arcadia with one other. Little.. problem she's been lugging around since waking up.  After a couple bites of her watermelon-strawberry slush, she opened her knapsack not sitting on the floor. Arcadia had to use both her arms to pull it out. She hefted a chunk of ice the size of her own head up onto the table. It was heavy enough to tilt the table top slightly, making a a heavy thunk when set down. Ice that would not, could not be melted and  if stared at long enough started to look a lot like a dragon eye.

    Arcadia hugged one arm around the dragon eye looking chunk of ice, sipping her watermelon-strawberry slush with her free hand. ”Don't worry, Mom. If anyone can help us find you a safe place worthy of a great dragon's final resting place...big sister and her friend can.”


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