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Dragon Ball: Horizons


DBH Staff

Star Dragon Ball: Horizons

Post by DBH Staff on 25th July 2018, 6:43 am

Welcome to Dragon Ball Horizons, a Dragon Ball based RP site. We're a fairly new team willing to accept anyone interested in our community with open arms. This forum takes place 100 years after the last episode of Dragon Ball Z, where things have settled again in the universe. The Saiyans and Planet Vegeta have been wished back with the Dragon Balls. The Frieza Force has fallen apart. The Namekians live prosperously on New Namek. The humans have widely accepted martial arts, and continue to teach it even a century after the strongest warriors the universe had ever known were alive. Although there haven't been many powerful warriors emerging lately, it's only a matter of time before the next generation of fighters emerges, ready to make their impact on the universe. This next generation of fighters starts with you... Dragon Ball Horizons is a PG-13, OC specific site, which is centered around a primarily freeform combat system. There are no canons allowed on site. You can choose from 8 different warrior races to make your character: Saiyan, Majin, Namekian, Human, Android, Frost Demon (Frieza Race), Bio-Android, and even a custom Alien race. Those interested can click the link in the banner above, and you'll be directed to our site. Feel free to chat it up with one of the staff members if they're online, and they'll be happy to help you out with settling in.

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Star Re: Dragon Ball: Horizons

Post by ivyleaf33 on 25th July 2018, 7:48 am

Linking back!


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What the hell's going on, can someone tell me please? Why I'm switching faster than the channels on TV?

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