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    White, Red, and Green(?) Wine


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    Completed White, Red, and Green(?) Wine

    Post by Alun 21st July 2018, 3:31 pm

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    The sun sits high in the sky and cicadas screech their midsummer song, however annoying it is. He traveled to a comparatively rural area. French hills surround a quaint, expensive looking cottage where a small, stout, older looking gentleman. After a long, slightly, awkward stare while he finishes hiking up the hill. “Hello, hello,” the old man says after clearing his throat, “You must be here for the temp job!” Temp job… Certainly… A way to describe jobs like this. Do these petty, D-rank jobs, get sent out to temp centers, as well? Another reason to train with his magical arts. ”Yes,” he plays with his fingernails with a mixture of anxiety and impatience,  ”I’m excited to get started.” The older man chuckles and opens the door. “Let’s get started then. Follow me down into my cellar. Don’t worry, there just wine,” he says. The interior of the cottage is furnished beautifully and lavishly. Looking around, admiring the interior, he follows the gentleman for a few steps before walking down a flight of stairs. After walking down a good smelling hallway, they arrive in a wooden closet with a glass door. Inside are a few kegs and a large, long rack of wine bottles. The gentlemen brings a wine glass out of a nearby cabinet. “I’ve got a single kind of wine for you to try,” he says, “this one has a special ingredient. It’s a white wine I’m confident will become popular.” Seth takes the glass and swirls it around the glass to aeriolate it. It’s definitely white wine, however, it’s slightly… green? Weird. There are some black specks in the drink as well. Gross. He takes a sip. The taste is really, really reminiscent of specific moment in his childhood. He can picture the day it happened. It was a warm, summer day similar to today. Surrounded by rolling hills, and a lazy looking lake a little distance away, he was back into his childhood home. An old, but cute house on the top of the hill with a well nearby. His mother, going about her labor-intensive day of tending to their small farm plot or in the barnhouse. Seth and his brother we outside, both young kids, playing in the yarn, under the aloof, but watchful eye of his mother. Chasing each other around in crazy circles, Seth trips over the exposed root of a tree and lands, mouth-open into a patch of grass. It enters his mouth and lands on his taste buds… Grass… Grass! His eyes start watering from the bitter taste. He swallows to avoid gagging. “Is it that good? I knew that this was an innovation!” Avoiding the confrontation, and emotional strike to the man’s ego, he pasters a smile on his face. ”It’s great… It reminds me of a fond childhood memory.” The old man chuckles, “Is that so? My wine is infused with the magic of nature. The black spices are what really gives the wine its distinctive and special flavor.” Seth nods,  ”I bet...” (504)

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