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    For The Beast, A Lowly Whisper • Private, Job [Erika]


    For The Beast, A Lowly Whisper • Private, Job [Erika] Empty For The Beast, A Lowly Whisper • Private, Job [Erika]

    Post by Guest 19th July 2018, 11:50 pm

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    For The Beast, A Lowly Whisper • Private, Job [Erika] Empty Re: For The Beast, A Lowly Whisper • Private, Job [Erika]

    Post by Guest 20th July 2018, 9:17 pm

    Nightmares were not an uncommon thing for the wizard saint. In fact back in her youth they were fairly constant, plaguing for every night her mind refused to let her dream. Visions of being chased down narrow hallways by an ungodly beast, being buried alive and slowly running out of air, even a few about killer rabbits wanting to gobble her up for dinner. Yes the imagination of a child was limitless, only amplified with her fascination of fairy tails and legends of old. Astrid was a rather timid child. She was scared very easily, not that Lucius helped much by the constant teasing and threatening. But as time went on, the silvernette was less and less prone to these horrid nightmares. It was a case with everyone, as they grew up. The more time passed, the more they began to realize there really was no boogeyman in the closet, or monster under the bed waiting for you to fall asleep. At least, that's what most grown ups by now knew. But for the dragon slayer, recently she had learned the hard way that there were in fact no monsters under her mattress, nor in the closets or hallways, not even in her nightmares. They were out, in the real world. They were real, and more scary than any killer rabbit could be.

    The elf found herself once again, like most nights, waking in a cold sweat, her body shivering and goosebumps running over her pale skin. Thankfully after a few minutes of sitting up in bed, allowing the adrenaline to settle and her heart to calm she was able to separate the nightmare from reality. Unlike what she had thought, she was not back in that closed off room, being ripped apart by the Savage Skull guild master. She was home, in Peace Village, safe. Though dark, her old childhood room brought a bit of comfort to her after such a nasty recollection of past events. For a bit more comfort, or perhaps to make sure she really was awake she gasped onto the edge of her blanket until her palms felt the pressure from her fingers.
    It was almost every night by now, that she was waking up from nightmares. Nightmares of the guild war. From getting her eye torn out to reliving what it felt like to kill her own unborn self they didn't seem to stop. It's like they were on constant repeat, a gory reminder of her most drastic mistakes. She didn't know why they were repeating like this, or why they didn't keep coming up back when everything first happened. Ever since she returned to Peace Village it was just nightmare after nightmare, over and over again. It was like everything wasn't punishment enough, so now she had to keep suffering. She didn't know what god or deity put this curse upon her, but she sure wished they would stop. She would like to get a good night's sleep for once. The lack of sleep was starting to eat away at her mind. In every shadow, in every noise, she felt as though that damned cream cat was still staring at her, ready to strike again and finish the job she started. Maybe a bit silly, being terrified of a cat like that. But that thing, that monster was no regular cat. It was a demon, a demon that wished for chaos and nothing more. Astrid was still alive, she knew she should be thankful for that. But for every second she was alive it was another second that cat wished her dead. And with the kind of power it had? It might even have a chance... And that really terrified the slayer. Izayuki at least had morals, and when it came down to it, was at least a little but human. But the tanuki was nothing compared to that beast.

    Seeing as how there would be no going back to sleep so soon if at all Astrid had gotten up and gone to the kitchen for a sort of midnight snack. Well, not really a midnight snack, it was about 3 in the morning. But still, it was an early/late snack. Normally she wouldn't be eating at this hour, trying to keep her girlish figure at all, and even tonight she still kept true to that. Which is why instead of getting something to eat in the end she just decided to make some lavender tea. It would calm her mind down a bit more so she could hopefully go back to sleep before Erika woke up. However, the tea making didn't come without a bit of a hassle. Still in a rather tiresome and drifting state she managed to break a tea cup and pour boiling water onto the back of her hand when she missed the mug. Someone, something out there didn't want her to sleep, did they? At this point not even lavender tea would help her now. But she was already so far done, so the silvernette continued (with a newly bandaged hand) until she had actually managed to make a cup without anymore trouble.
    Curling up in a corner of the living room's sofa Astrid held the mug close to herself, stroking the lip of the cup with her thumb as she thoughtfully watched the rain outside hit the window pane in dull thuds. To try and keep her mind from playing tricks in the room's dim lightning she would try and watch the rain drip down the glass, seeing what kinds of shapes or patterns they would make. Hopefully with something warm inside of her, and doing something that didn't require much thought she could easily drift to sleep again before dawn came. But with her track record? It was hard to say for sure... Her hand still hurt... A lot.

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    For The Beast, A Lowly Whisper • Private, Job [Erika] Empty Re: For The Beast, A Lowly Whisper • Private, Job [Erika]

    Post by Special Snowflake 10th August 2018, 1:18 am

    The night was pleasant as the young dragon slept in her bed. She hadn't a peaceful sleep in a long while, so tonight the little dragon got to enjoy a warm bed with a nice stillness in the air. Her joyous sleep was only accentuated when her dreams led her to wonderful lands far off from reality. It was a bright and sunny day for the young girl, the birds were chirping, the flowers were vibrant, the sound of the beach not far off was pleasant to one's ears. The umbrella resting above her, connected to the long chair she lay in, blissfully blocked the sun from burning her and provided cooling shade. Yes, this was the life she wished for... almost. It was then that another appeared in her dream, one which was familiar to the dragon and gave her a grand smile on her face.

    "Greetings Astrid!"

    "Greetings oh most perfect and wonderful mistress Erika."

    "Isn't the view just grand, and the weather perfect?"

    "Of course it is perfect, especially in the wonderful clothes you designed, so form-fitting and comfortable I love them to bits."

    As Astrid came around into view of Erika, Erika grew warm and content, as Astrid stood there on the deck of the home overlooking the beach, right in the sunlight, in full lingerie. it was white like her skin with cute laces and roses on it, and Erika was just so happy.

    "Oh you look almost as perfect as me in that outfit."

    "Of course I look almost as perfect, you designed it! I only wish I could be as perfect as you."

    "Yes, well, no one can be as perfect as I am, but don't worry my dear that's fine you are the most perfect non-me there is."

    "Oh Mistress Erika... please you get me so... bothered."

    Standing up Erika gazed into Astrid's one eye.

    "Let me relieve some of that bother then..."

    As Erika went in to embrace Astrid, she suddenly felt the cold realization of the floor. As she fell out of the bed Erika slumped head first onto the floor and was awoken from her grand delusion only to see she was on the floor of the room of the house in peace village which had belonged to Astrid's grandfather. Oh, right, she was living here for right now... and she wasn't at a beach house with a half-naked Astrid about to get busy, well... that sucked. Looking down Erika realized she was a little bit too happy to have that dream so she needed to get some water or something to go back to bed and continue her wonderful dream of perfection.

    Standing up Erika took the sleep from her eyes and discarded it as she wandered through the hallways towards the kitchen. It was then that she spotted Astrid in the corner looking out the window, and Erika grew a bit happier. She might not have been half naked and ready to do naughty things but she was still here and that was enough... though Erika did wish she would wear her outfits she worked hard on them.

    "Hey Astrid, have another bad dream? I had a good dream and woke up, you were there and it was the beach and... we were having fun playing in the sand... and nothing else."

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