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    Wine Taster Empty Wine Taster

    Post by Beaux 19th July 2018, 11:15 pm

    Wine Taster UHlsfgq
    Beaux Phacelia
    Rose Garden was most certainly an intriguing place. Everything was controlled by magic, from the lanterns to basic household tools, and it fascinated Beaux. He had been using magic for a few years now but still obsessed with observing its uses and properties. Napedia - his homeland - was not specifically known for its magic as Fiore was, so everything from mages to lacrimas was something new to learn about. The angel mage was actually on his way to a bookstore in Rose Garden to buy a book on Make Magic.

    A faint voice, growing louder, could be heard as a man dressed in waiter’s clothing ran down the street towards Beaux. The white-haired mage came to stop, looking at the waiter quizzically as he approached. The man had short brown hair styled up fashionably, and slight muscles could be seen flexing beneath his clothes as he slowed. “Sir! You look like the kind of person who likes wine, how would you like to come taste some?” the man said excitedly after catching his breath. What a strange happenstance, Beaux thought. He was actually craving a refreshing drink.

    “I was on my way somewhere else, but I suppose I could indulge because you requested…” Beaux drawled, looking at the man with lidded eyes. “I do enjoy a fine wine. Escort me there, will you?” The waiter’s cheeks gained a pink tint as the mage spoke with a honeyed voice. “O-of course! Right this way.”

    Beaux followed slightly behind as they approached an elegant restaurant made of beautiful oak wood and carved bricks. The entryway was covered with a red carpet and the rest of the floor was set with intricate tiles. Harp music played softly in the background, a soothing accompaniment to such a fancy appearance. As the two walked inside, another man in a cleanly ironed suit approached. Beaux’s eyes were immediately drawn to the large mustache with curled ends that resided on the man’s face. “Hello, hello, my name is Mr. Vinyurd! I see that Sebastian found you to test our wine! We have a fresh batch of homemade wine that we want to be tasted before we serve it tonight to a big dinner party. Please, sit down!” He pulled out a chair at a nearby table and beckoned the boy with white hair over.

    Sebastian had stepped into the back room but he returned carrying two empty glasses and a clear bottle full of a rosy-colored liquid. Lighter wines were Beaux’s favorite, excitement emerging as the waiter poured a glass for him. Mr. Vinyurd sat across from the mage, a filled glass occupying his hand. The young man picked up his glass and the two made a toast. Swirling the wine before he took a sip was an instinct for Beaux. The flavors soared across his tongue and a warmth settled in his stomach after a few sips. “This wine is delightful,” he murmured as he took another mouthful. “You ought to sell this across Fiore!”

    “I’m glad you think so!” replied Mr. Vinyurd, a large smile on his mustachioed face. “Thank you for taking the time to come here and help us out. If you’re ever in Rose Garden again, swing by and we’ll give you a free meal and drinks!” With a nod, Beaux stood and headed across the tiled floor towards the exit, but not before giving Sebastian a sly wink. As he emerged into the sunlight again, a happy feeling overtook the mage. Tasty wine, sunny days, hot waiters, and the quest for knowledge: what could be better? With his hands in his pockets and a smile on his face, Beaux continued his journey to the bookstore.


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