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    Sea Breezes [Solo Job]


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    Sea Breezes [Solo Job] Empty Sea Breezes [Solo Job]

    Post by Beaux 19th July 2018, 7:24 pm

    Sea Breezes [Solo Job] UHlsfgq
    Beaux Phacelia
    The fresh sea breeze ruffled Beaux’s soft white hair as he strode down a cobbled street in Hargeon Town. It was a truly wonderful summer day; the sun was beating down on the city but the air that moved inland from the ocean provided a cooling contrast. Flowers around the streets were in full bloom, providing colorful patches and pleasant smells to those who passed by. Overall, the city was a bright, bustling place that lifted Beaux’s mood the second it came into view.

    Refocusing on his purpose, Beaux was reminded of the crowd that would inevitably be at the passport office. Already he had considered a few ways to bypass the others that would be clambering to obtain the document, but which one to use would have to decide upon arrival. The angel boy had traveled secretly into Fiore from his homeland of Napedia, stowing away on the lower deck of a boat. Over the time he had spent in Fiore, Beaux came to the conclusion that he would not return to Napedia for many years. The distant land held too many bittersweet memories of his sister and returning would cause the young man much pain. However, obtaining a passport from Fiore would allow him to travel to other countries to search and wander. He wasn’t entirely sure if the country required legal citizenship to obtain a passport or if he could pass as a refugee, but he had records of the places he had lived temporarily in Fiore. If they tried to turn him away, he would surely argue something fierce!

    The sound of many voices caught Beaux’s attention. Limping steps over the cobblestone hastened, eager to reach their destination, accompanied by the tap of a cane. Down by the docks was a blocky, dull building that had the logo of the Magic Council above the door. Hordes of people flocked at the doorway, shouting and bustling around as a few Rune Knights attempted to form a straggling queue. Ah, the passport office, thought Beaux with a grimace. Lines and crowds made him annoyed and anxious. It was time to put his plan into action.

    Approaching the end of the line, he began to exaggerate his limp, leaning on his cane and acting very tired. “Please let me through,” he said as he pushed past people of all kinds. “I’ve traveled a long way and I’m quite exhausted.” Reaching the front of the line, Beaux suddenly was stopped when he ran into what seemed like a wall. However, looking up, the boy with white hair realized it was the chest of a giant man who was glaring down at him. “Who do you think you are, cutting in line?” rumbled the large man in the deepest voice Beaux had ever heard. “My apologies, sir,” he replied, Napedian accent very present, “I’m a cripple just looking to obtain my passport. I fear if I wait in line, I may not be able to stand.” A few salty tears slipped down his cheek for added dramatic effect. The giant’s expression softened and he stepped aside, letting the limping young man pass. As he stepped through the door, Beaux glanced back at the queue over his shoulder, a large smirk gracing his lips briefly. Nothing wrong with exaggerating a small truth to pass by all the suckers waiting!

    Beaux spent a short time using flirtation and a honeyed voice to convince the poor young passport employee to let his paperwork pass through. Some boys are so easy to wrap around my finger, he thought smugly as he gave the male employee a parting wink. Brand new Fiore passport in hand and a skip in his step - as much as that was possible as a cripple - he was free! As the sea breeze once more caressed his face, the angel mage decided that he would spend the rest of the afternoon in Hargeon Town, enjoying the wonders of the port city.

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