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    ew hiatus


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    ew hiatus Empty ew hiatus

    Post by kittykool75 19th July 2018, 5:45 pm

    I didn't wanna have to do a hiatus, but with how life has been I gotta. I've been lacking muse anyways so this should be good for me if i can manage catch a break, I'll try to post but just assume I won't cause I suck. Also not doing mod work cause I'm moving cross country at the beginning of August, so most of my time is spent packing. This should end sometime mid August or until I say so, just assume I'll be back mid August tho. I'll still be on discord a lot if someone needs to contact me. I said August to much, I'm too tired for this.


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    ew hiatus Empty Re: ew hiatus

    Post by Serenity 19th July 2018, 7:23 pm

    Take all the time you need Kitty. I think we all sometimes need a break to focus on stuff more important. Good luck with your move and take care! :3

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