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    Tracking the Thieves (Job- Aoi and Mayumi)

    Mayumi Katsuya
    Mayumi Katsuya

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    Tracking the Thieves (Job- Aoi and Mayumi) Empty Tracking the Thieves (Job- Aoi and Mayumi)

    Post by Mayumi Katsuya 18th July 2018, 6:32 pm

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    Mayumi eyed the landscape before her with a fair amount of skepticism. She was told this had once been a thriving city. A Mecca of magic, even. Now it was just a heap of ruins. Scattered chunks of rock still battled to rise above the choking cloak of vines and weeds. Most of the buildings, though, had long ago succumbed to the invaders. Even from the rise of the low hill she was standing on, she still couldn't see above the mystery shaped covered in green. A maze indeed, and it stretched out for as far as she could see. You could lose a whole army in there, and she still wasn't sure she wanted to enter.

    In fact, if it were just her she was sure she would end up lost in there forever. Or perhaps not very long at all, depending on how many dangers were in there, and she was sure those were numerous. But thankfully, this was not a task she had to take on alone. One of her guildmates had agreed to team up with her on this task. And not just any guild member- one of the aces too! She hoped this might be a sign that the leadership had been pleased with her handling of the spider situation a couple of weeks ago. Either way, it was definitely a way to impress the higher-ups of her guild, and she was not going to embarrass herself.

    Speaking of... Where was her companion? She glanced around, but she saw no sign of Sakura anywhere. Then again, it would be easy to miss the diminutive figure. She signed and brushed back a stray strand of hair, cautiously beginning to investigate her surroundings, yet so far she was finding nothing. Perhaps she hadn't arrived yet...?

    Something moved in the bushes, something huge, and Mayumi's heart nearly leaped into her throat, her hand instinctively dropping to the handle of her sword. Whatever it was, it moved off in the opposite direction, and she had no desire to follow it, not on her own. It definitely called to mind the reason she was here in the first place.

    They were off to see the wizard. The thieving one, that is, and there was no convenient yellow brick road to lead them to him, although the "city" was certainly green enough to fit. Harper Goldshine, a notorious treasure-hunting wizard, had supposedly found a stash of treasure here. In fact, it was rumored to include the earthly possessions of the first ten Wizard Saints. It had to be truly powerful, then. And while Mayumi was all for opportunism, she knew Goldshine was not the sort of person who ought to have such powerful artifacts. Unsurprisingly, he had refused to let his hunt go when the magic council had warned him off, so they had hired mages to stop him. And offered a handy reward for anyone who could find the location of the hoard, allowing them to move it to a safer and more controlled location.

    She sighed. Her excitement was finally starting to temper that fear that she absolutely refused to acknowledge the existence of, and she finally decided to stop messing around and locate her partner so they could get started.

    "Hello? Miss Kisagami? Are you here?"

    Her voice carried well through the location, and she winced slightly. Now she just had to hope she'd caught the attention of the right person, and not an enemy.

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