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    It's So Fluuffy!- Sakura/Esialeth

    Jiyu Kazehime
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    It's So Fluuffy!- Sakura/Esialeth Empty It's So Fluuffy!- Sakura/Esialeth

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime 18th July 2018, 7:48 am


    205/1,000 words

    Considering the fact she had two young adoptive children barely above the age of toddlers? Jiyu spent a lot of time at the local toy store when she was actually in town and not letting the guild watch her brats. When the owner came down with the flu it seemed natural to ask a loyal customer who happened to be a local mage for help making sure the toys were alright for the employees to sell. Doing such a thing alone? Would take too long and finding a babysitter that she felt was reliable with the beastly appetite of Milos and the magic inquiry of Maka, was next to impossible. Thus the wind wielder needed some help to accomplish her job and make it home in time for lunch with her little ones. "Yo, Sakura, New Girl!" the wind mage spoke up leaning over a booth in the restaurant and glancing down at them. "Want to come on a job so I can make it home in time to feed my kids?" it was ironic someone like her had kids, but at least she tried her best with them, proven by the fact that she wanted to have lunch with them while she was here.


    It's So Fluuffy!- Sakura/Esialeth Miku_chibi_by_kenneos-d4l2s2w

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