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    Metallic God Slayer (First Gen)


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    Completed Metallic God Slayer (First Gen)

    Post by Asuka on 16th July 2018, 2:41 pm


    Magic Name: Metallic God Slayer Magic
    Magic Type: Slayer
    Description: God Slayer Magic is an ancient and rare lost magic that gives the possessor of this art, the power to slay a God. Enhanced strength, sight, hearing, and speed. The Metallic God Slayer in particular, gives the caster control over the element of iron as well as all other metals to wield in powerful and devastating spells.

    Angeline was taught by the god Krigilroas in the ancient ruins. After being taught the magic, she killed her mentor brutally and bathed in his blood she'd spilled. As the Metallic God Slayer, Angeline is a very violent fighter, she enjoys cutting and shredding through her victims but also slowly torturing them for fun. She uses brutal spells that can pierce through the hearts of her prey, spells that can slice through skin of foes with precision. Coat her entire self in pitch dark metal to protect herself from enemy attacks and much more.


    • With this magic, Angeline can consume/eat almost any metal with very few being off-limits to her.
    • At higher ranks, this magic can produce spells to alter landscapes of surrounding areas.
    • This magic is very versatile, giving the caster the ability to create a plethora of different things for offensive and defensive purposes as well as for buffing herself.


    • Angeline is unable to consume the metal she produces in her spells or the metal produced by the metallic devil slayer(s).
    • This magic makes it's caster a natural lightning rod for lightning spells which isn't always a good thing.
    • Higher rank water spells can cause the metal in her spells to rust.
    • When using certain metals in spells, magnets can make Angeline slower or get her stuck which can make her an easy target.

    Unique Abilities:

    • Metallic God's Hardness:
      Angeline's magic she wields makes her skin much tougher and her bones are much harder, like the metals she uses. Thanks to this she is granted a 25% damage reduction from everything with the exception of lightning which deals 25% more damage.
    • Metallic God's Fortitude:
      Angeline's mind is like a steel trap thanks to her taking on the attributes of a god. This makes her much less susceptible to mind-altering spells such as; fear type effects, illusions and etc. All of which become 50% less effective and their durations are cut in half. However, this ability only applies to spell of equal rank or lower.
    • Metallic God's Strength:
      Due to her other unique ability, Metallic God's Hardness, all of her purely physicals attacks deal 50% more damage then normal.


    D-Rank Spells:

    Name: Metallic God's Armored Skin
    Rank:  D
    Type: Defensive
    Range: Self
    Speed: ---
    Duration: 1 posts
    Cooldown: 2 posts
    Downside: ---
    Description: Angeline coats her entire body in pitch black metal. This includes her eyes, mouth, ears and everything else. This spell allows her to take hits from up to three spells of equal rank. However, if she were to activate a second non-defensive spell to use in conjunction with this one, she could take at most, hits from two spells of equal rank.

    • Can protect the caster from up to three spells of equal rank.
    • Caster can use an offensive spell in conjunction with this one to also deal damage while defending herself.


    • Can take no more than three hits from spells of equal rank.
    • If spell is used in conjunction with an offensive spell, the caster can take no more than two hits from spells of equal rank.
    • Spell will not hold if it takes a hit from a spell of higher rank.


    Name: Metallic God's Broadswords
    Rank:  D
    Type: Offensive/Multiple Target
    Damage: 30 HP
    Range: 30 meters
    Speed: 15 m/s
    Duration: 1
    Cooldown: 2
    Downside: ---
    Description: Two dark magic circles appear around the caster's forearms Turning her forearms, up to her fingertips into two pitch dark broadswords of equal size. The swords themselves are 30 meters in length and 6 meters in width. They can slice through skin, bone, and even stone. With both of them, she can attack more than a single opponent if two are in close enough proximity.

    • Can cut through skin and bone
    • Can cut through solid stone


    • Higher rank water spells are capable of rusting the metal.
    • Cannot fight opponents from a distance with this spell
    • Swords are easy to dodge.


    Name: Metallic God's Bellow
    Rank:  D
    Type: Offensive/Multiple Target
    Damage: 30 HP
    Range: 45 Meters
    Speed: 30 m/s
    Duration: 1 post
    Cooldown: 2 posts
    Downside: ----
    Description: Angeline takes a deep breath before releasing a large and powerful funnel blast of dark wind imbued with shards of pitch dark metal directly at her opponent(s). This spell is the equivalent of an iron dragon's roar.

    • Can't be eaten by other slayers due to the nature of the metal it uses.
    • Easily catches opponent(s) off guard since all the prep needed is to take a deep breath.


    • Can be blocked easily by any higher ranked defensive spell.
    • Very weak to water spells of higher rank because they can cause the metal to rust.
    • Spell can fail if she's attacked before unleashing the spell.


    Name: Metallic God's Sand Storm
    Rank:  D
    Type: Offensive/Area of Effect
    Damage: 20 HP
    Range: 30 meters
    Speed: 15 m/s
    Duration: 1 post
    Cooldown: 2 posts
    Downside: ---
    Description: Angeline brings about a storm of pitch dark metal sand with metal shards mixed in by taking a deep breath in and releasing it when she breathes out.  Those caught in the sand storm are blinded for the most part. The shards can cause cutting damage with little to no effort and the grains of sand can cause bruising damage as well. D-ranks caught in the storm will suffer a 50% reduction of their vision for the duration of the spell, C-Ranks 20%, B-ranks and higher are completely unaffected and suffer no impairments.

    • Can blind people caught inside.
    • Spell can't be eaten by other slayers due to the nature of the metal used.


    • Allies can be affected by the storm too.
    • Wind spells of equal or higher rank can dispel the storm.
    • Enemies with heightened senses can navigate through the storm.

    (Credit for my unique abilities goes to Yuudai of Sabertooth for letting me use his.)


    Metallic God Slayer (First Gen) S-l300

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