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    Chaos And Order Empty Chaos And Order

    Post by Oras Auro on 16th July 2018, 9:11 am

    Not too long ago (about an hour or so actually), Oras and Izayuki had discovered the truth of his lineage. Why his soul was so chaotic and distorted. Why he seemed to have a natural resistance to the attacks gods threw against him. He had discovered this little side effect and benefit when he ended up facing the God of Blood, when the dark guild had assaulted the Black Rose library, in an attempt to steal the legendary sword. The God had only struck Oras two times, but despite the minimal hits.. Oras could somehow tell that those hits didn't deal as much damage to him as he expected. Nor as they could. He could feel it actually. It was as if his body was actually rejecting the God and his strikes. His soul especially seemed to rile up at his presence. In the end, while Oras had put up a fight, it was clear he wasn't on the same level as the God. Part of it was power, but another part was because he was unprepared for the God's ability to counter nearly every one of his spells, his strategy going up in smoke. Oras had tried to create a magic that could adapt to any scenario, but that had also weakened the potency of his magic. By spreading himself out like that he wore himself thin. Most mages focused on a specific category, type, or theme. Necromancers focused on summoning or conjuring minions to fight alongside them, giving them hordes of fighters to attack their enemies. An army of necromancers was truly something to be feared... A knight might choose requip magic which allows them to focus on switching between pre set gear, allowing them to choose the best armor and or weapon for the job. And then of course, there were elemental wizards.. Such as Slayers. Oras' magic however, was all over the place. He tried to cover every ground, and in the attempt to look for a way that had no weakness, had filled his magic with nothing but weaknesses.

    Illusion was a hard magic to use against your opponents since the stronger they were. The older and more experienced they were. The more difficult it was to fool them in any manner. And against the God of Blood his magic was utterly useless. The God seemed to instantly know what was an illusion and what was real. Oras had no idea how he had managed it but he knew that illusions just wouldn't cut it for him anymore. He could probably keep the ability via heightened telekinesis, but it would be a secondary focus. He needed something else. Something more potent, more focused. A specific theme to shoot for. And as he was pondering this he, with the help of Izayuki his guild leader, had found a being who knew everything about him and his soul. Who would help him find a magic that would suit him. But first, she would explain to him his lineage...

    The abilities he had been aware of before meeting this being was the following: Reformation. When he "died" his soul would erupt, causing a sphere like explosion, reaching about five meters outward. The shockwave was about ten meters out. Anything within the five meter radius would be immediately consumed, transformed into an energy that, quite frankly, nobody knew. This could be canceled out if the one hit by the blast sacrificed all their magic energy to the blast and then got knocked back by the shockwave. After the initial eruption, the blast would recede to reveal a sphere shape emptiness, and the soul in the center sucked away at matter and magic energy around it, pulling anything and everything in. When it had gathered enough 'energy', it would convert it all into a physical body. It would be exactly as Oras had been prior to his 'death', including anything he was wearing or holding. While this keeps Oras from ever truly dying, it was an extremely painful experience that seemed to last forever for him, and thus he likes to avoid it if at all possible. Another ability he knew about was Anomaly. This was a very simple one as it acted as a result of his soul's chaotic state. Constantly shifting, changing, never remaining the same way twice, his soul could be sensed in different ways. One would feel it and sense him as a rank D wizard. Then a second or two later he feels like a rank A, or C, or S, or B, or X, etc. He could even be felt as different races. Human, Yokai, Animal, Undead, Angel, Demon, anything and everything he could and would be sensed as one. It was an odd ability and Oras still didn't know how to control it yet.

    There were many other abilities of course, but too many to get into. For the most part Oras could do quite a lot, much of it very potent and power. The downside to these varied, but for controlling and altering the forces of nature, it was simply draining. Most of these abilities were a mystery to Oras, and even scared him at how powerful they all were. Though the most fear came from the fact that he had no idea where these abilities were originating, how much he could truly do, or what his soul truly was and where it would lead. That's why, when Izayuki and Oras had learned of someone who knew the truth. Who knew what his soul was and what it's true potential was. He had to go seek her out.

    And they found her.

    Her name was Atia, and according to her she used to be the Goddess of emotion, hope, and comfort. She was one of the ancient Gods, one of the first to come into being. She used to help mortals achieve their goals, hopes and dreams, give people hope where they were hopeless. Help them feel love when they were alone, or bravery when they were in crises. However, a point was reached where the humans became more and more corrupt, eventually planning things out so that they abused her kindness and care, tricking her into helping them with their dark thoughts and plans and goals. Bloodshed. World conquest. Enslavement. Theft. The darkness just rose and rose until Atia gave up. Receiving mockery and hatred from her fellow Gods she sat in depression, watching as mankind only grew worse and worse over the next five thousand years. Finally she had a revelation and snapped. Her powers changed, over those years, and she became the Goddess of Chaos. She quickly lashed out her wrath onto the world, and when the Gods came in to fight her they found that her hatred against them became a shield and weapon. Eventually they banished her from that realm, and stripped her name and story from every mind. Any gods who weren't among the first, any immortal or mortals. She was completely forgotten to time. Her power grew as she practiced and one day, she decided to screw with the God of Creation. She waited until a soul he was developing was halfway completed before she came in and wrecked havoc, twisting and messing the soul up. She didn't intend to kill it and it wouldn't die. But what surprised her was that it adapted to her actions and it found a way to 'stabilize'. That soul was Oras.

    Atia watched Oras grow up and quickly came to love him. Despite him not being related to her other than the chaotic powers she had accidentally granted him, she considered him her son and cared about him and no other. Which was why..

    "I'm going to teach you how to master your magic," she told him. "Or rather, teach you how to focus your magic on a particular theme. You have already learned that the way your magic has been, so spread out and thin is nothing but a weakness. Take me for example: I focus all of my time and energy destroying anything and everything the Gods have built. Whether it be worlds, rules and laws, nature, or people.. Who aren't innocent. You wouldn't be able to focus on all of that of course, since not only are you in a mortal body but you haven't had the years I have had to master all of that, but it's an example. And you can't just choose a defensive as your focus. The way your soul is formed is more of an offensive base. I know you chose illusion magic, and you could try learning chaos magic, but I'd recommend avoiding either of these. This is because illusion magic is hard to focus, and chaos magic is especially so. Only practice chaos magic when you've lived a few thousand years or so. Get some experience on you." Oras nodded silently, still trying to keep up with all the knowledge he'd been trying to keep a hold of. "Now then, there is also another factor you must remember. Your soul and body have inherited my... Hatred, for the Gods. For any god or angel, demigod and the like really. That is your strength. And I personally feel like you should aim towards your strengths, not try and cover every weakness so you have none. You don't have to be a sort of glass cannon, but you should focus all your power and attention on that one aspect. And I know just the type of magic that fits that category in your little world~"

    "What do you mean in my world?"

    "Honey, there are infinite worlds out there, many of which have magic that none of you could ever comprehend. So of all the magic in your world, I would suggest God Slayer Magic." Oras thought for a moment. Slayer magic? "Isn't that the one where you have a specific element that you can consume to regain magic energy? And where you are strong against a particular enemy?" Atia nodded with a grin. "It's a fun one actually. You'd have many many benefits from slayer magic, with very few side effects. And no, you don't have to eat your element to gain it's effects. By combining it with your chaos abilities, you can simply convert your element to magic energy and absorb it directly. But enough about that, let's get to the practical lessons! First you need to decide on an element. I'm going to give you like, three to choose from for what style you should probably go for. Fire, earth or ice. Go ahead and think about it." Oras did think about it. Fire was aggressive and destructive... But while focused there wasn't much he could actually do with it. It was limited to fire alone, not magma and such. Earth? He recalled how Amora had earth magic, and while he would normally have access to the earth and thus much mana, it felt like more of a defensive or utility magic. So that left.. "I'll go with ice then." Atia grinned. "Good, I hoped you would. Fire is boring, Earth isn't as good as it's made to believe. Ice however? Ooooohhh, so much you can do. Especially when you learn about all eighteen forms of ice in your universe."

    Atia walked over to him and touched his forehead, flooding his mind with everything his physical and mortal mind could handle about ice. The information was overwhelming and when she pulled away he fell on his back. When he recovered he stood up. He had the memory, but he had to think about it in order to actually, well, 'remember' it. It was very weird and hard to describe. In addition, his body felt differently. It felt more, stable. Controlled. His soul however still had the same chaotic feel and connection to his body as ever.

    1979 words (End of reasoning, explanation, and how magic was acquired)

    (Beginning of practical practice, examples of spells and 1 or 2 abilities. Mind you the first few paragraphs are of her teaching/explaining how his magic works, then it gets to nonstop combat/fighting)

    Atia grinned. "Right. Now then. I want you to freeze everything around us," she said, and suddenly they were in a forest. Oras blinked when the sudden change occurred. Before he had time to react however, Atia conjured a sphere of unknown energy to him in her hand. He figured out what she was about to do and rushed behind a tree. When he did however, he was hit by the sphere anyway, getting knocked back. "This is only blocked by ice, now freeze the place Oras!" He heard her conjure three more and his eyes widened. He thought about how ice formed and the information appeared in his head. Just as she threw the spheres he threw his hands out, casing a wave of energy to push outward, freezing everything in it's path. It reached a far distance indeed and he was rather surprised. "Good." Atia said. "That is one of your primary abilities. You can freeze anything that isn't being held or controlled by anyone, whether they are a wizard or not. It gives you more to control and use to your advantage. Now try freezing everything again," she said as everything suddenly became normal again. Oras nodded and thought about how he did it again. He held a single hand out this time however, but when the wave of energy shot out from him this time, nothing changed. Not a single piece of frost. He looked at her. "...You're controlling everything right now aren't you?" She nodded with a smile. "Yes. That's something you need to figure out: How do you create ice around you if the enemy you are facing controls the entire battlefield? Instead of using your ability you may have to rely on your spells themselves. Abilities are good but not everything you know. Now then: try and consume some ice:" She said as she covered the entire place in ice.

    Oras focused, and pulled the ice in towards him, the ice turning to magic energy as soon as it touched his skin and clothes, absorbing into him and giving him strength. Atia nodded.
    "Good. Now that you've worked on that and can actually use it, I'm going to send monsters of all sorts at you. You are going to create spells, on the spot, that you can use to fight the monsters. You stop or take a break only when I give you permission to." "On the spot? Hold on, don't you think I should take the time to think about what kind of spell would work against-" "Your practice session begins now," she said. "Not later, especially in a place where time doesn't exist. And it's best to learn this kind of thing on the spot anyways. Now go ahead, you have company after all. Wouldn't want to keep them waiting." Oras turned around to see a weird form of creature. It was like a brown snake with leather instead of scales, and two arms that were half poles, the poles being used to lift what seemed to be their torso off of the ground. They opened their mouths and began to shoot out fire in a steady stream towards him.

    Oras rolled out of the way, but was immediately attacked by another one. He had to dodge that one as well, before having to dodge another. And another. And so forth. It began to become more and more difficult and time pressing, to the point where he realized he couldn't come up with a strategy. He just had to 'do' something. Oras swung his hand in a wide arc, summoning a wall of ice spears that thrust forward, impaling most of the monsters in front of him. He landed on the sides of the ice spears he had formed and pushed off, throwing himself over most of the monsters below and landing on top of one. He placed his hand on it's head and froze it instantly, looking up and snapping his fingers, causing a nova blast to occur, blasting most of them as they were all rather close with a powerful ice blast. Most of them were knocked back but hadn't been killed and he figured that would happen. Oras then formed ice around his hands, forming it into two swords that he drew and rushed towards the monsters with both blades. He began to hack and slash through them all, piercing one here, slashing through three of their throats. They all began to swarm him, and thus he used another spell. He shot a beam of ice that cut through their ranks, creating a sort of path for him out. He dashed down the path before they could grab him, but the issue with this was that the path he had just made began to collapse as the monsters were blocking it once again. Not seeming to care that they were crawling over their fallen comrades.

    Oras watched as they all spewed fire towards him and he tried to leap upward. He was trying to escape them since his ice would probably melt if they hit him with it, so he was trying to avoid being hit by them at all. If he could do that he would be golden. Then he noticed them change directions and continue their fiery assault quicker than he had anticipated. Before Oras could react he was blasted with a wall of flames and ended up landing about fifteen meters away from them on his back. He groaned as he pushed himself up. This was a bit of deja vu.. Facing impossible odds with little to no instructions. Expected to learn on the spot. She had watched him train with his original mentor... The monsters began their charge again but he stood there for a moment, searching his new knowledge for something that would help. When he learned of it his eyes widened but didn't question it. He just did. He conjured up a wall of ice, just as the monsters shot another wall of flames at him. The result this time, was the flames being stopped just like that. However he was starting to get a little bit tired. All of these spells was beginning to drain him of his magic energy. Suddenly he heard sounds behind him and found an equally massive force of monsters on that side as well, and was forced to create a dome of the Form VII ice. However, as soon as he created the dome shield that would protect him from the flames, a new type of monster began to burrow through the ground below him, forcing him to leap through the dome to escape.

    Oras swung both of his hands, sending two waves of ice spears in either direction. The result once again drained him. He tried to absorb some of the ice spikes he had created but when he did it stung him. And not in the typical: stung by bee or cactus type of stung. Like 'ow I bit my finger with my razor sharp rusted teeth' type of stung, and thus canceled it. That's when he remembered that slayers can't consume their own spells. It had to come from other sources. When he realized that this wasn't going to work out well for him unless he fixed the situation somehow... Then he realized an option he could do. However he was going to need to store up his mana. He conjured up twin ice blades, each of them eight hundred degrees fahrenheit hot. This seems impossible, but there actually was a real form of ice out there that could reach that temperature, mainly due to adding extreme pressures to the ice itself. pressures unheard of on earth. Oras began slashing at all the monsters, their skin becoming burned and scarred even before his sword reached them, and any monster he stuck burst into flames. Some he sliced in half, the searing ice melting through all skin flesh and bone, while sometimes he only skimmed the surface, with the fire that caught onto them dealing the rest.

    Despite him taking down many of them they just kept coming and coming. As he fought, Atia found out what it was he wanted to do. She smiled, eager to see him in that state, and went ahead and conjured up lots of ice around him. Oras, as he fought the monsters off, saw the natural ice form. So Atia wanted him to do it then? He jumped off of a monster into the air, forcing the ice to him and entering his body, transforming into magic energy which revitalized him. He then consumed much of his magic energy, entering the Force State. When he did, he gained an icy blue aura with dark purple mixed into it, the power shaking the air as he entered the state. He opened his eyes and shot off like lightning towards his enemies. He started by launching a wave of frozen air at the monsters, slaughtering a massive chunk of them. When they came at him from behind, He sent down a rain of thousands of thin ice rods that impaled them all. He then heard a different sound and turned just in time to avoid the hit of a massive fire like golem. There were three of these golems, each of them twenty times taller than Oras himself. Each of them were at least four hundred degrees fahrenheit. This didn't hurt Oras since it was canceled out by the frozen aura he had, but at the same time it made it clear he would not be able to freeze them or slow them down whatsoever. And despite their size they were in fact fast. Slower than him still, but fast.

    One of the golems shot a massive fireball his way, forcing him to launch himself to the side to avoid the hit. The second golem had struck the ground with it's foot, causing it to shake but also causing the underground to start to heat up in an explosion heading towards him. Oras was forced into the air and watched as the third golem tried to smack him with it's hand. Oras wasn't used to this form yet and thus failed to evade, getting struck and knocked far back into a mountain. He quickly recovered however, and launched himself forward yet again, this time going hard on the offensive. He wasn't going to let these monsters get another chance to hit him after all. He was losing magic energy every few minutes he was in this form after all. He had to end this here and end it now. Before they could make a move he summoned a blizard. Not just any ordinary one however, this was ice that couldn't melt. Snow that blocked their vision, howling wind that pushed against their strikes. Hail that pounded against them. Oras then summoned massive ice spears from the ground that looked like miniature mountains. Two of the golems managed to evade these spears but one lost it's arm to a spear, causing the magma that flowed inside of it to begin pouring out. The lack of magma caused it to collapse dead. That was one taken care of.

    The other two broke the spears and threw them at Oras, who flicked his fingers and caused the ice to shatter, not touching him whatsoever. He rushed at the monsters and leaped up to meet them head on. One began to swing a punch at him but he was ready this time. He used his magic to infuse ice in his arm, giving it more strength, and shattered the golem's arm, repeating the previous action. He then turned and used a far more powerful form of ice beam on the last golem, obliterating it's head clean off. He landed and turned the force ability off, and fell to his knees, tired from the exhaust.

    1982 words

    Atia smiled at his performance. He had the power of a Glacier God Slayer..

    15 extra words

    Total count: 3,976 words


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