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    Communication is Key (Job- Solo)

    Sayuri Katsuya
    Sayuri Katsuya

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    Communication is Key (Job- Solo) Empty Communication is Key (Job- Solo)

    Post by Sayuri Katsuya on 15th July 2018, 12:48 am

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    It was... Odd, to be without magic. Sayuri decided she didn't really like it. She certainly didn't plan on staying here for long. Thankfully, she didn't need to. Her reason for being here was simple, really. An amazing new product had just come out. Called the iLac, it was revolutionary, really. It allowed people to communicate with each other from anywhere, among other things. That would certainly be useful, no one could deny that. Even if Sayuri wouldn't have that many people to call.

    Of course, a device like that would undoubtedly be outside her price range. But fortunately for her, for a limited time only, the manufacturer was giving them away for free to anyone who visited the factory! It was an offer she couldn't pass up, so she intended to do just that. She wanted one badly enough to put aside her dislike of the Neutral Ground to pay the factory a visit.

    Of course, she still questioned just how these devices could work here in the Neutral Grounds, but then again, she didn't really know anything about how they worked. She supposed she might very well find out on her tour.

    She walked into the factory door and a man looked up from behind the desk, smiling at her, although she had to admit the expression didn't exactly look genuine. If anything, he seemed rather bored.

    "Hello. I suppose you're here for the tour? The next one begins in about five minutes. You can wait in there until then."

    He gestured to a door across the lobby, and Sayuri crossed to it and entered. There were about a dozen people in there at the moment, a couple of which appeared to be asleep. She supposed they'd probably been waiting for a while not. It seemed she'd gotten here at the perfect time. She settled into one of the chairs to wait for their tour to begin.

    The tour guide was about fifteen minutes late to start the tour, but Sayuri didn't mind too much. After all, she didn't really have any room to complain about anything right now. The tour itself was interesting, she supposed, but it didn't really make much sense to her. The tour guide must have worked on the factory floor, because he kept using technical terms and descriptions, none of which Sayuri really understood. And the machines simply boggled her mind. She couldn't even begin to comprehend how they worked, and she could barely believe they didn't use any magic. Then again, she supposed stranger things had happened.

    After the tour they were led to another room off the lobby. It looked identical to the one they'd waited in for the tour, but it was definitely in a different spot. Clearly their decorator had not been very creative. The tour guide produced a box and whipped it open, revealing the devices they'd all come here for. They created quite a stir among the group, and Sayuri understood why. It was even more impressive than she'd expected. The man showed them all how to use the devices, of course, although Sayuri quickly decided that most of it was common sense. When the demo was over she quickly headed out, device in hand. She wanted to get out of the Neutral Grounds as quickly as possible, thank you very much. Now if only she knew anyone else she could test the device out with...

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