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    A Love of Travel (Job- Solo)

    Sayuri Katsuya
    Sayuri Katsuya

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    A Love of Travel (Job- Solo) Empty A Love of Travel (Job- Solo)

    Post by Sayuri Katsuya 14th July 2018, 4:30 pm

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    Sayuri could hardly believe her eyes. What kind of chaos had she just walked into? It was... Insanity. The whole dock was a mess, with more people here than she'd ever seen. And not just people- rowdy people. There was a lot of noise, people yelling, laughing, babies crying. Everything you could imagine. And there appeared to be a good amount of pushing and shoving going on. There was a guard standing at the beginning of the dock, but he seemed too preoccupied reading a Sorcerer's Weekly magazine to seem to care. What on earth was going on?

    Well, there was only one way to find out, she supposed. She approached the guard, who didn't even look up at her approach. She sighed. Was he actually getting paid for this? He should get fired...


    He ignored her, and it took a good deal of self-control not to get mad. Sayuri wasn't usually an angry person, but he just really rubbed her the wrong way.

    "Hello? Sir?"

    She said it a lot louder this time, and with a tone that very clearly said that she was not going to be ignored. He sighed and finally looked at her over the magazine.

    "Yes? What do you want?"

    Well wasn't that a kind greeting? His tone had a world of meaning too- it said 'just leave me alone already.' She raised an eyebrow at that, but decided it wasn't worth her time to comment on.

    "Can you tell me what's going on here?"

    She gestured to the crowd of people, although she supposed it wasn't necessary. The man shrugged slightly.

    "Well, the magic council decided to open up Fiore's borders. They're issuing passports."

    That said, he went back to his magazine, and Sayuri didn't even care anymore. Passports? That would mean she'd be able to travel outside of Fiore! She was glad she'd asked, because she knew she'd have to get herself one too.

    She headed for the line, quickly realizing that she had a long wait ahead of her. Ugh. Well, there was nothing to be done about it. She also found that it wasn't just the line ahead of her that was the problem. It seemed no one actually wanted to wait there turn, so everyone was trying to push their way to the front of the line. Well, there wasn't much she could do about the people who were already in front of her, but she certainly wasn't going to let anyone else cut in front of her.

    Thankfully, she knew just what to do. She never left her house unarmed, and a few meaningful flashes of her swords kept them back. Good riddance at that. It probably but her wait tie significantly, and helped keep everyone around her somewhat in line. Funny, they weren't so keen on acting up when someone armed actually took interest.

    When she finally reached the front of the line she realized there wasn't actually much to the process of getting a passport. They asked her name, age, all the basics. Took a picture of her. Asked what guild she was in- and checked her guild mark, just to be sure. And that was about that. A few minutes of messing with some sort of lacrima powered machine, and they handed her a passport, with all her information printed on it. She smiled. Looks like her traveling options had just opened up!

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