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    What Family Is For


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    What Family Is For Empty What Family Is For

    Post by Haru-senpai on 12th July 2018, 11:46 pm

    Returning to the guild finally after a journey to Terra Ignis to visit his mother. Who was nowhere to be found, leaving him only a note as an explanation. Only sending him deeper into his own sadness that he'd been feeling recently. Although he kept on a straight face as usual.

    With an inhale and an exhale, he stood finally again before the doors of his guild and made his way inside. Peoples eyes went wide briefly and then many smiles nods and greetings happened at once, Haru however just acted normal but a little more quiet than usual. Hoping to see a familiar face, he scanned the room for Althea or Leila, or even Sorano.

    While he was away, he'd heard that Ezra had left the guild. His heart was a bit heavy at this news; as he'd always looked up to him. Among other things he'd been worrying about recently, it wasn't a good cherry on top. Such was the life of a mage however.

    "Hmm...." even with the lively noise all around him, Haru seemed a bit depressed but no more emo than usual. Just standing scanning the room, black scarf trailing behind him. "I wonder where Rose is..." he looked around but didn't see her around either.


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