Childish Things


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    Childish Things

    Post by Akily on 10th July 2018, 2:10 pm

    Akily was having a lovely day in the forest. She decided to do some walking instead of killing for that day. The Universe Spirit wouldn't accept it if it knew that all she could do was kill. Akily had to make sure that she still appreciated the beauty of the world, even if the adults are destroying it. She basked in the glory of the sun as it shown through the trees around her. It almost made the area seem like it was sparkling itself. Clearly, this was one of the many great areas that the Universe Spirit created. It clearly showed its direction towards this world. It showed the beauty it wanted, and the beauty that it wanted Akily to create in the future. She took a deep breath as she looked around her surroundings in awe. As she was basking in the moment, she heard the sounds of laughter. Akily raised her eyebrow in question as she tried to search the area from the spouts of laughter that she heard, over and over again. Akily looked over a set of bushes to see that it was a group of children playing tag. So, Akily walked over to them and decided to enjoy the fun. She hadn't had time to do "kid" things in a while. As she walked voer to them, she said in an overly perky voice, "Can I play?" In reply, the kid she was talking to said to her, "Sure!" With a smile, Akily began running around.

    Apparently, the kid she was talking to first was it. Now that she had joined in, he was trying to chase her down. The kid was fast, but Akily was faster. Being an assassin, meant that she could easily out run this kid, no matter how fast she thought he was/he thought he was. She took a loop around the tree, finding a kid that had been hiding from the person that was "it". With a scream, the kid tagged the one that was hiding. With a loud whine, she said, "No fair! No fair!" As she began to pout, Akily went over to the girl and said, "Hey, everything is fair. There is no point in whining when things have already been done. However, I'll let you tag me just to get it out of your system, but if I catch you again, no pouting. Deal?" With a smile, the girl said to Akily with joy in her eyes, "Deal!" With that, Akily took out her hands for a hand shake. As the girl shook it, she immediately began running from Akily. Akily smirked, but decided catching the girl would just defeat the purpose Akily was trying to create, so she tried to find the other kids hiding around the forest. Over the course of the day, this game started becoming repetitive. Then, with a stop, all the kids decided to go back home. They didn't want to be snatched by the boogeyman, or whatever their parents had told them would happen if they were late for curfew. With that, Akily began to walk around the forest at night, taking in what she couldn't during the day.



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