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    A Black Eye For A Black Rose

    Victoria Sheridan
    Victoria Sheridan

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    A Black Eye For A Black Rose Empty A Black Eye For A Black Rose

    Post by Victoria Sheridan 10th July 2018, 11:25 am

    Dressed in a white short-sleeved t-shirt and gray skirt with white tennis shoes, Victoria got in the back of the line for a passport in Rose Garden. She had not seen this many people since her time running the streets in Capital Crocus. Everyone wanted a passport for travel and for the opportunities that working abroad could offer. Victoria wanted one because there were plenty of well-paying jobs beyond Fiore's borders. She liked well-paying jobs.

    The line shuffled along as the midday sun blazed overhead. Some profusely sweating people got out of line, promising to return on a day that was not as hot. Children were crying, tempers were flaring, and some people were ready to brawl. As the line moved up, Victoria accidentally bumped into the back of a young teenage female with blonde hair reaching down to her waist who wore a red minidress. Before she could even apologize Victoria was lying on her back and her face was stinging from a forceful punch.

    "You stupid brat! You almost ruined my hair! I spent HOURS styling my hair! Didn't anyone teach you manners? You're just as bad as those dumb street kids who eat out of garbage cans!" The young woman berated Victoria. The latter was horribly offended by the insult. Ten years ago Victoria was a "dumb street kid" trying to get by in Capital Crocus. Noticing a member of the town guard swiftly approaching, she kept her cool. Barely.

    "I saw what you just did. That's assault and battery. Come with me." The officer commanded in a flat tone of voice.


    "Come with me, Miss Corlone." The officer dryly commanded.


    "That's making threats of bodily harm. If anything happens to that young woman, you're looking at charges of first-degree murder or murder for hire. You're not helping your case, Miss. Just quit while you're ahead." The officer dryly cited the growing list of offenses. The blonde went quiet, but not before giving an annoyed huff. She and the officer disappeared, presumably to the police station. Victoria was left with a black eye from the punch to the face. The line shuffled ahead until she was at the halfway point.

    One hour later she was in the doorway to the passport office. Once inside the crowd dissolved quickly as five more clerks came on duty and five more lines opened up. Victoria walked up to a female clerk who was looking down at a stack of forms.

    "What's your name?" The brown-haired young woman in a black business outfit asked.

    "Victoria Sheridan." Victoria replied.

    "Do you have a guild?" She inquired.

    "Yes. Black Rose." Victoria answered, baring the guild tattoo on her left shoulder.

    "OK. Just fill out these papers." She stated as she thrust a small stack of forms attache to a clipboard at Victoria. The latter took them and went to an empty seat, quickly filling them out. She soon got up and presented them to the clerk, who examined them before humming in approval. She finally looked up and gasped.

    "What happened to you?" The clerk inquired.

    "It's really hot outside. I bumped into someone, her temper flared, and I got punched." Victoria recounted candidly.

    "You can't take your passport picture looking like that! Let me fix that!" She said while producing a makeup kit. She quickly went to work with the makeup. The ease and speed with which she applied it indicated that she had done this before. Almost three minutes later she was finished.

    "There. It's not runway quality, but it'll do for a passport picture." She said with a smile, presenting a handheld mirror. Victoria took it and inspected the work. The bruising was barely noticeable.

    "Thanks, Miss." Victoria thanked the clerk. Seconds later her picture was taken and she walked out with passport in hand. As she strolled past the line, she spotted a familiar blonde in a red dress. It was Francesca and she had a pair of burly men in black business suits with her. Francesca's blue eyes met Victoria's own as the former made a gun gesture with her left hand.

    Victoria briskly walked away. She had a feeling that this was not the last time she and Francesca Corlone would cross paths. Still, Victoria was a mage and she was with Black Rose. Unless Mr. Corlone was a very powerful man with numerous connections, no one would dare make a move against a known Legal Guild.

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