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    Sitting, Swimming, and Thinking [Private]

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    Sitting, Swimming, and Thinking [Private] Empty Sitting, Swimming, and Thinking [Private]

    Post by King Zenshin on 5th July 2018, 5:29 pm

    Vincent sat on the edge of the Serene Cliff and began to reconsider what he had believed about the pursuit of knowledge. For his entire you he had been told and truly believed that there was nothing that was better left unknown and that the price of insight was well worth it, but after the events of his expedition with Elvira he wasn't so sure. Was it right to inflict suffering on another person to save yourself and another? Was it just to seek knowledge if the price was harming a morally pure individual? These were questions he had pushed to the back of his mind following his meeting with Necropolis and Tenebrae. If he wasn't lucky enough to find the basin to cure him and Elvira of their curse, he wouldn't know what he would have to do. Well, that's inaccurate. He knew that he would have to uphold his end of the bargain... an action that he didn't want to take. Still, he knew that if it was his life and the life of his partner on the line, then he wouldn't hesitate to impart suffering on his fellow mage.

    This realization and acknowledgement was unsettling, but there was nothing he could do about it. It was merely the truth and even if he had the choice, he didn't think he would take it. Selflessness... what a virtue. Or so it has been said. Willing to sacrifice yourself for others without knowing the first thing about them. Humph. Some virtue he thought, his legs dangling off of the cliff. Today was a relaxing day, a day that he could think about the aforementioned questions and come to a definitive conclusion, for better or for worse. I'm beginning to understand the mindset of a dark mage the more I explore, the more I find, the more prices I'm made to pay. I don't know what I'm going to do if this book ends up bonding to Zenshin when we find him... he thought as he took out the old dusty grimoire of an alien tongue and an old saint's handwriting. I would have kept up my end of the bargain, but at a steeper cost that I originally believed I would ever have to pay... all because of you.

    He could hear whispering in his mind, the whispering of the monster that had put the curse on him. It was unintelligible, but the wizard felt as though he was being mocked for his uncharacteristic lack of foresight, for his naivete. How could I have thought that I would never have to choose between causing suffering on those who did not deserve it and acquiring great knowledge? Vincent felt like throwing the grimoire off of the cliff and into the ocean, but he knew no good could come of that. For some reason, his instincts told him that he would need the book for later, but perhaps that was merely a manifestation of Necropolis' hex. The Crystal Swan mage never really did but into the idea of the selfless hero archetype, but now his views against it grew even stronger. Selflessness was no virtue, it was a handicap.

    I guess if I'm so willing to make a bargain like the one I made with Necropolis, then I'm just kidding myself by pretending to be conflicted. I'm not conflicted and I never really was, only feigning the feeling to try and convince myself that I at least some higher sense of good he thought, looking down as the waves crashed into the pointed rocks below. Weather it was his past and upbringing or more recent events, Vincent knew that there was no knowledge beyond his grasp, no cost great enough to dissuade him from pursuing the insight that he hungrily desires. No price too great... that's really all there is to say about it. With a sigh, he stood and admired the scenery from the higher position. Vincent looked down before taking off his shirt and diving off the cliff towards the sharp rocks. As he fell, he closed his eyes and whispered something under his breath. In that instant, the sharp rocks turned to dust and allowed the elemental wizard to safe plunge into the cold, crystal blue water.

    It had been so long since he had been able to swim. So much work to be done, so much time needed to prepare, and so much energy used to travel the country. Right now, he relished the time he had alone and took full advantage of the opportunity. Elvira was ready to go to Iceberg by this point and was really only waiting on him, but she could wait a bit longer. He had propositioned her in the past to work out a business partnership that would be just as lucrative for her as it was for him. At the time, he was told to wait, but now that he was back and ready to execute a plan to free them from a curse she was ready to form a team - they just needed a name. When Vincent opened his eyes under the blue water a name hit him: Rapier Wit, that should do nicely... I'll be sure to bring it up next time we meet. Now that he had settled whatever feigned conflict he had on his views on knowledge, there was the question of his guild members. So far, he had only really interacted with Elvira and hadn't even met any of the aces. If I recall correctly, I believe that Elvira lives with one of our aces... what was her name? Rin, I think it was.

    While magical research and the development of enchantments was generally a solitary endeavor, he still found himself more reclusive than any given peer of his. His time at the academy, as stimulating as it was, wasn't without its disadvantages. The time he spent learning and studying was filled with a traitorous lot who wouldn't hesitate to pass on the work of others as their own. It was the primary reason that he didn't join Silver Wolf. This disgusting behavior made him a bit more paranoid than the average person, but as he swam through the cool ocean he gave his fears some conscious thought. Chances were that none of his guild mates were capable of understanding the work he was doing and, even if he could, he felt as though they were of a higher moral cut than his peers back at the place where he learned about magic.

    He could understand the appeal of stealing, obviously, given that it resulted in an influx of wealth that one could use to escape the wizard hell that was the Pergrande Kingdom, but he still felt as though it was simply too far past the grey line of morality. Vincent felt that now was a fine time to get some training in before returning to the guild and thus swam over to the rock wall overlooking the part of the ocean in which he swam. The wizard put one of his hands on a protruding rock and found his footing so that he could begin scaling the sheer face. It was a challenge, of course, given the fact that not only was he wet, but so was the wall, though it was meant to be a challenge. His actions wouldn't exactly be training if it were easy. I should make more of an effort to meet more of my guild mates when the whole curse business is over. Perhaps I should even meet with the guild master, finally. I think I'll leave that meeting for a more special occasion.

    Crystal Swan was a guild of artists, musicians, and explorers. He himself wasn't a conventional artist, but still considered himself one given the nature of his passion and studies. Vincent did, though, fit the typical definition of an explorer and thus felt as though this guild above the others was a good fit for him. The expedition he performed to the dark land should have put him on the map, for better or worse, in the eyes of his guild mate and his nation. It stirred up a bit of an unwanted controversy, but just like anything other quest to gain knowledge it was worth the price. Thankfully he and Elvira had the foresight to disguise themselves when entering and exiting the portal, but one day, Vincent knew, someone would figure out who it was that released a phoenix into the Fioren wilds. It was only a matter of time.

    Until that time came, he would quest. He would quest for more knowledge and more power so that he may pursue the secrets that others believed were better left unknown. As the stone inscription read, he would achieve a power of a monarch. And to that end, he would need the assistance of others - his guild members. The wizard would need to put more faith in those around him if he were to ever achieve this power that he needed. I need to remember that I'm in a legal guild. Of artists no less. None of them, I'm sure, would do anything so heinous. I should track down Rin and see if should would be available to take up a job when Elvira and I return from our journey to the basin. Finally, Vincent was at the top of the cliff and with one last exertion of his effort he was laying with his back flat on the grass.

    Wet and exhausted, he looked up at the clear blue sky. Such a beautiful day out... I think I'll just rest here he thought, his eyes closing as he drifted off into a much needed sleep. When he opened his eyes, he saw that he was standing in that same black realm that was oh so familiar to him. This was where he would end up if he failed to uphold his end of the bargain with Necropolis. That's when the being appeared from the murky darkness in front of him and began to speak. "So you've found a way to break the curse, but you need to uphold your end of the bargain to do so. Ironic, don't you think? I've been watching you, Vincent, and I like your attitude. No cost too great, was it? Very interesting. That's a mindset that few mortals possess with their sanity still intact. Well, intact is a rather strong word, but you know what I mean."  

    "So you've been watching me and listening to my thoughts? That's intrusive, for a gentlemen." Vincent replied, casually speaking with the being as though the two words friends. "Ah, I too can get bored. Every so often an interesting human catches my attention, and you happen to be the one. My apologies, but I just can't help myself." "Then you know that I have no intention of keeping our bargain. I found a way out. I just won't give Zenshin the book when I find him, I'll instead hide it away and have him guide us to Seven. Then, we'll no longer be bonded. Elvira and I will be freed." Necropolis took a little while to respond. "You really believe that you can simply hide the book away while you find Zenshin? It's not as easy to get rid of as you might believe. That saint of yours had to go through a very involved process to rid himself of the book in your possession." "I'll find a way, I always do." he replied, prideful as always. "Ah yes, that human quality of pride. I always do love witnessing it, for it always proceeds the most brutal of revelations. Good luck, scholar, for you will need it to escape from me and my master."

    Then, Vincent awoke. It was now nighttime and the crickets were singing their song in the forest around the Serene Cliff. Necropolis had come to his dream to taunt him, to let him know that he was allowing the wizard and his companion to try and break the curse upon him. And you call pride a human quality, perhaps you've observed humans a bit too closely, Necropolis, as I can begin to see you as one.

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