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    Necromancy Empty Necromancy

    Post by Victor on 2nd July 2018, 5:40 pm

    Magic Name: Necromancy
    Magic Type: Summoning (Prevalent) || Lost Magic (Auxiliary)
    Description: In the hidden subterranean ruins beneath Bellum's former third most massive arcane research institution and library, Elm Library lay an ancient archive which had not been entered for thousands on thousands of years; until a lone library caretaker named Palmiro stumbled on the facility solely by circumstance. The hidden sunken ruins, The Library of Pergamum, were the final remains of an ancient nation which in time would become Bellum. It housed a myriad of tomes – fiction and nonfiction. Each tome possessed ancient myths, knowledge, or secrets. The information within a few books wasn't intended to be perceived by anyone as they contained dark arcane knowledge, however, this was unknown to Palmiro. The library custodian recognized the significance of these tomes both from an archaeological and a monetary viewpoint. As such, the Palmiro carried each text from the Library of Pergamum. He auctioned them each one gradually without letting his colleagues learn of his discovery. In time, the caretaker had sold the tomes, and the many volumes within the ancient building had dispersed across the nations of the world.

    Several centuries would pass since Palmiro auctioneered off each volume within the Library of Pergamum. The possession of these documents had continually exchanged hands throughout the numerous cycles. Eventually one of the tomes, Book of The Grave, ended up in a small bookstore located in Capital Crocus. The current owner was unaware of the book’s value and believed it to be a simple old tome with an eccentric title he had gotten through a random shipment. He placed the book on sale. For months, it wasn’t bought by anyone until Victor happened on the store one day. He was purchasing a few new books for his own collection and to keep him occupied when his work was slow. He didn’t know what he had bought until one night he opened the volume. The book began to converse with him. At first, he had thought he had gone a bit mad from the fumes of embalming chemicals he used earlier the day. But the book continued to speak and weave tales of old times and its origins. Its voice was like the sweetest honey. The document had the soul of one of the sorceresses who had worked for the king’s circle of magi – a group of wizards who acted as counsel for the king. Her name was Sonja. She had done tons of arcane research in her younger days, but her soul was sealed away within the tome. Sonja was sealed away by them because she was deemed a danger by the other council members since her research, in their opinion, had crossed the lines of morality and was a risk to everyone in the kingdom.

    Sonja knew her desire and pursuit for greater knowledge was not evil. It was those who would limit the progress of others who were the true villains of this world. Sonja’s story resonated with Victor as it reminded him quite a bit of his upbringing with his now deceased mother. He knew his mother was not a villain like those who had sealed Sonja away within the volume. But she did not wish for him to travel the path of magic and live a simple life as a mortician. It was this odd kinship which started the relationship between Sonja and Victor. They conversed for hours when Victor did not have a guest to tend to in his shop. In time, Sonja knew Victor had the potential to set her free from her prison. The male’s own curiosity about the world mirrored her own. She began to give her arcane knowledge to him in exchange she wanted Victor to set her free from the book once he grew powerful enough. It was a deal Victor was more than eager enough to accept without any problems. Sonja began to teach Victor about a magic closely linked to his own line of work, necromancy. It was the pursuit of knowledge regarding this particular arcane art which led to Sonja’s imprisonment within the volume of her own research by her colleagues all of those thousands of years ago.

    Necromancy is a tier of lost caster magic which involves the manipulation of the souls of the living and the deceased. It is often used to conjure spirits from the beyond, bind these spirits through incantations and ritual magic, and commune with and command legions of the dead to do their bidding. Necromancers are capable of manipulating the fifth classical element known as Nether – the Chthonian Element which flows through the realms of the dead and the living. This element is considered the force of death or death-force by a number of individuals, however, it is more than the source that drains away life from the living. It is the destructive aspect of reality and the very concept of destruction and entropy. Through the manipulation of this element on a conceptual level, necromancers are capable of casting curses which can cause the decay of their opponent’s strength, speed, and health. Victor takes his necromancy a step further through his own breed of Patchwork Experiments. The Patchwork Experiments are a line of undead creations which have been augmented and fashioned by Victor’s own hands. Usually, their bodies are forged or “stitched” from various components from other dead bodies thus the name. However, the most unique aspect of the Patchwork Experiments is the fact their souls are also stitched as well. Usually, souls which have been fragmented through exorcism and other types of magic which damage the soul are combined into a single soul. But since they are usually a number of spirit fragments combined together, the experiments’ personalities tend to be unstable and they have a bit more free-will contrasted to other undead.

    Dead Body Manipulation: Outside of reanimating carcasses as undead creatures, Victor can manipulate dead bodies as if they were puppets with his necromancy as well. Despite it being much more inefficient since he must focus on pulling their strings, fight, and record data at the same time. However, this also enables him to use the various parts of the body as a weapon as well. Pulling bones out and sending them out as attacks, causing tides of blood, etc. for the application of combat.

    Death-Force Manipulation: To more accurate or correct, Victor can manipulate and shape Nether, the “Chthonian Element” that flows through the realms of the living and the dead. Neither is the considered the force of death or “death-force” by many, but it is more than the source than drains life away from living. It is the destructive aspect of reality, the source and very concept of entropy and destruction.

    Patchwork Experiments: A unique line of undead creatures created by Victor by patching together various parts of other creatures and compiling them into one being. These experiments are much stronger than the undead creatures that most people would come across and possess a colorful array of different abilities. Since they can be refined by Victor to perform a certain task, this increases Victor’s overall battle performance and allows him to fulfill several different combat roles.

    Soul Manipulation: One of Victor’s greatest strengths, regarding his aptitude with his magic, is his ability to influence the soul of his enemies and himself.  Adjusting the spiritual wavelength of himself to reduce damage, creating artificial souls from the remains of other souls, damaging the soul of his enemies, etc., Victor can perform a variety of feats when it comes to the soul.

    Angelic Magic, Demon Slayers, Exorcism Magic, Holy Magic, Etc.: Since a majority of Victor’s strength comes from his undead experiments or summons, the listed types of magic are a natural counter to them due to their nature to return the undead back to the grave. His summons receives an additional twenty-five percent when hit with spells from these sources of magic.  However, they take damage according to the normal rules of demon slayer magic.

    Inorganic and Soulless Creatures: Several spells within Victor’s arsenal deal damage by attacking the soul of another living being or a deceased individual. Inorganic constructs such as true robots, who are controlled by an A.I., or soulless creatures such as vampires are immune to the damage of these spells since they do not possess a “soul” for Victor to damage through his magic. This reduces Victor’s overall effectivity in combat when these types of opponents are involved.

    Hoard Summoning: While Victor does have several solo undead summonses in his repertoire in the form of his undead or “Patchwork” experiments; Victor possesses a few spells which conjure forth larger forces of the undead from cadavers he has to obtain either through his work as a mortician or on random jobs.  Overall, these larger forces of undead minions are weaker than Victor’s other undead experiments – having their health pool divided between them. The amount divided depends on the amount of summons per spell and spell rank.

    Summon Reliant: Although Victor possesses several spells to damage enemies or protect himself without any aid from his undead creations. He is mainly dependent on this summons when comes to an actual fight since they possess an array of different abilities from his own and many of his spells are used to increase his summons overall abilities. Without his summons, Victor’s combat abilities are diminished by a margin.

    Lineage: Avatar of Ilyria
    Avatar of Illyria:
    Description: In the old days, a demon goddess once ruled over the vast emptiness of space. She called each one her garden, for she likes to sow seeds where ever her slimy tentacles would land on. Millenniums passed and the old gods were forgotten. Losing worshippers means losing access to their world. Fortunately for her, a small sect who used to worship her clumsily left the artifacts she left them in their temple for everyone to see or rather steal. Yes, the temple was well guarded with guardian monsters and booby traps. But that can never stop the heart of a real adventurer. With the discovery of her relics, old knowledge which was supposed to be forgotten was remembered. And the door which was supposed to be close was opened. To prevent ever losing contact with this world, she offered a deal which the finder of the treasure could not refuse. "Would you like to be my vessel and have infinite powers beyond your wildest dreams."

    Ability: Vessels of the Forgotten One are given enhanced speed (25%) and strength (25%) as well as enhanced magic defense and durability (25% damage reduction). Also allows them to call the forgotten one if ever they are in need of assistance. They gain a user-ranked (S-max) signature spell that summons a tentacle to attack or grasp or a non-signature spell(S-max) that summons tentacles to attack or grasp in an area effect. Once per thread, an S-rank mage user can call Illyria into this world. A 20 meter tall mollusk-like monster with 12 tentacles stretching up to 10 meters long and bat-like wings with the same length used for attacking and sometimes flying. Once summoned, she gains the same base stats of the user but with their values increased by 100%(besides speed which is instead lowered) and the mage's own increase by 25%. The goddess only has 50% of the HP of the user and moves 50% slower than the user due to her size and weight. The goddess can only remain in our world for 3 posts or until defeated. This ability cannot be canceled by the user or outside forces.

    Usage: An active ability that lasts 3 posts and is once per thread. A spell is made in addition to the user’s own magic in their spells. Passive enhancements.

    Unique Abilities:
    Unique Abilities:
    • Animate Dead | Active: Resurrecting the decreased cadavers of allies, enemies, and strangers with the negative energies found within his branch of magic,  Victor is capable of creating loyal undead minions, who will follow his every command. Creatures created from this unique ability keep their initial abilities, combat stats, and rank from the time before their demise. In conjunction, they keep the original strengths and weaknesses associated with their particular race. These reanimated creatures gain the standard weaknesses of the undead race as well - such as a weakness to demon slayer magic. The limitations of the Animate Dead ability are the following: creatures higher ranked than Victor cannot be turned into undead minions, a salvageable corpse must be present for Victor to turn into an undead minion – a corpse must be at least seventy-five percent intact or with its body parts in a nearby area,  Victor can only control a limited number of undead minions through this ability which is three times his rank (3 at D-Rank, 6 at C-Rank, 9 at B-Rank, 12 at A-Rank, 15 at S-Rank, and 18 at H-Rank).

    • Command Undead | Active: Channeling the negative energies found within the arcane art known as necromancy, Victor can use these energies to enslave undead creatures – wraiths, vampires, zombies, etc. and bring them under his complete control for a period. This ability has an effect circular effect radius of twenty meters around Victor’s body. Command Undead can be used freely on the undead who are classified as nonplayable character or NPCs. However, Victor can only enslave NPCs who are equal to or lower than his rank as a wizard without penalty. NPCs who are of a higher rank than Victor’s own are incapable of being enslaved and controlled by him. This ability can be used on player characters or PCs as well. This can also be used on other undead summonses of opposing players. However, permission must be agreed by both characters OCC. Command Undead has an effect which lasts for five posts or turns before going on a cooldown period of six posts.

    • Greater Undead | Passive: Through greater experimentation and investigation into the negative energies used within his branch of magic, Victor learned how to strengthen these energies within all ranks of the undead creatures at his command. Creatures resurrected through his other unique ability, Animate Dead, receive the bonus of this unique ability. Greater Undead enhances the overall health pool of all of his creatures. The amount is an additional fifty percent.

    • Soul Link | Passive: Possessing an unusual bond with his undead minions and hoards, Victor can communicate with each individual creation telepathically through their respective souls. This telepathic line of communication between Victor and his undead creatures is a two-way street - meaning they can send messages or relay information to Victor as well. Victor can also gauge the status of his summons, their location, and other information through this ability.

    Lineage & Signature Spells:
    Lineage Spell:
    Name: Illyria's Hold
    Rank: Scales With User Rank (Current: C-rank)
    Type: Lineage Spell | Multiple Target; Effect; Immoblization
    Damage: 0
    Range: 90 meters
    Speed: 65 meters per second
    Duration: 1 Post/Turn
    Cooldown: 2 Posts/Turns
    Downside: N/A
    Description: Clasping his hands together and focusing his magical power and his mind, Victor conjures five crimson-red magical circles within a ninety meter radius around himself, aimed at the feet of his intended targets. The magical circles act as portals allowing parts of Illyria, her slimy tentacles, to enter Earthland. The tentacles traveling out of the portals at a speed of sixty-five meters per second grasp each of the intended, up to a max of five. The tentacles deal no physical or magical damage, simply rooting the targets in place for a short duration.


    • Root Effect: The primary strength of this particular spell is the rooting effect it has on has a number of targets - binding them in place for a turn. This enables for a number of follow-ups from either Victor's undead creatures or his allies since it would near impossible to miss a stationary target.


    • Lack of Subtly: The primary weakness of this particular spell is the lack of subtly it possesses especially in a one-on-one combat situation. The manifestation of the magical circles and their crimson-red hue is an obvious tell-tale if a person is an intended target.

    • Slight Delay/Lag: The secondary weakness of this particular spell is the slight delay it has between the conjuration of the magical circles and the manifestation of Illyria's tentacles from her dimension.

    User-Ranked Signature Spell:
    Name: Nether Wave
    Rank: Scales With User Rank (Current: C-rank)
    Type: Area of Effect | Instant; Signature Spell
    Damage: 30HP
    Range: 60 meters
    Speed: 30 meters per second
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: N/A
    Downside: N/A
    Description: Opening the palm of his right hand and facing it toward his predetermined target or targets, Victor begins to drag in particles of the Chthonian Element - Nether. He continues to collect the Nether particles which radiate with a midnight-black hue until he has enough to expend the Chthonian Element in a large blast in front of him. The blast of Nether travels forward at a speed of thiry meters per second and affects an area of sixty meters. The blast deals thirty hit points of damage to each individual caught in the area of effect. A cosmetic effect of this spell is that it destroys off the local flora and fauna around in the area it effects.


    • Quick Cast Time: The primary strength of this particular spell is the deceptive quick cast time it has. There isn't much delay between Victor gathering the Nether particles and releasing the blast toward his intended targets.


    • Friendly Fire: The primary weakness of this particular spell is the fact it possesses the aspect of friendly fire. This means friends and foes alike can be damaged if they are caught in the blast of Nether.

    • Cosmetic Effect: The secondary weakness of this particular spell is the fact that it only deals damage within the general area of effect. This means that if a player character is an animal or plant user, their creations aren't instantly killed unless their hit points are equal to or lesser than the damage threshold of the spell.

    D-Rank Signature Spell:
    Name: Patchwork Experiment: #009 - Franziska The Pathmaker
    Rank: D
    Type: Summoning | Burst; Signature Spell
    Damage: 0
    Requip/Summon HP: 50
    Range: 15 meters
    Speed: 15 meters per second
    Duration: 3 posts/turns
    Cooldown: 4 posts/turns
    Downside: N/A
    Description: Patchwork Experiment: #009 - Franziska the Pathmaker is the ninth experiment in Victor's line of patchwork creations. Possessing dark blue hair and complementary eyes, Franziska possesses a medium build. However, her most noteworthy characteristic is the bunny ears she possesses which come from one of the body parts used in her creation. Like all Patchwork Experiments, Franziska has stitches around her ankles, neck, and wrists. Just like his normal summons, Victor claps his hands together in front of him. The Victor either thinks or says of her name aloud. From a crimson-red magical circle, Patchwork Experiment #009 appears ready to do her master's bidding. Her personality is generally a bit calmer and a shyer contrasted to a number of Victor's combat summons.

    Necromancy 750px-Full_Portrait_Catria_Spring_Whitewing


    • Greater Movement:The primary strength of  Franziska's portal creation allows for a greater amount of mobility for Victor and his potential allies - enabling to the avoid certain obstacles or gain access to certain areas which would normally be impossible to access.


    • Distance: While the distance each portal is capable of moving a person isn't too low, it is lower than the area of effect of a number of spells. An individual using a portal might still find themselves in range of an area of effect ability or spell.

    • Potential Enemy Use: Depending on the quickness and reaction time of the foe, they could potentially exploit the three-person limit of each portal and use it to travel and follow the person.

    • Only One Way: Portals created by Franziska during combat situations are only one-way. This means a portal could be used to escape an enemy spell, however, the individual using the portal might find themselves away from the battlefield or in a more dangerous situation once they have exited from it.

    • Stationary Portal Creation: Portals created by her during a combat situation cannot be edited or moved. This means the location of the portal itself and the exit point of the portal is fixed.

    • One Use: The portals can only be used once either to move an individual or a group of three from one position to another position. Once used, the portal will disappear. Depending on the situation, this can be seen as a strength or a weakness.


    • Path Creation | Active Ability: As Franziska's title as the Pathmaker depicts, she is capable of creating various paths within the world by manipulation the spatial boundaries between two separated pockets of space. This is done by changing the boundaries from separate to connect to allow access to two places which would normally be completely apart. In battle, Franziska is capable of creating portals from one area to another - allowing her allies to traverse over small areas quickly or avoid obstacles. These portals around two meters in height and width. They allow an individual or a group of individuals - up to three the ability to travel a distance of 15 meters at a rate of 15 meters. Franziska can create a single one-way portal each turn. However, the individual portal can only be used once before it disappears. Franziska is unable to move the individual portal she has created each turn. If summoned outside of combat or for plot purposes, Franziska's range is more massive. She can connect pockets of space, however, this is for only areas she or Victor has been to before.

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