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    Negative Magic (Secondary)

    Axilmeus Steel

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    Negative Magic (Secondary)

    Post by Axilmeus Steel on 1st July 2018, 1:39 pm

    Negative Magic

    Magic Name: Negative Magic
    Magic Type: Caster
    Description: Joseph Crowler was a demon summoner who worked in employ of Fiore as a rune knight. There was a long standing rivalry between himself and his cousin, Jesse, who also was a summoner. In an attempt to end their fighting once and for all, Joseph Crowler explored the possibilities of his magic, and began to develop a way of using the power of summoning magic in an alternative way to move things between planes of reality in order to defend or attack. This was ultimately successful, however, Crowler kept his findings a secret for as long as possible, and only recently did the scrolls fall into the hands of the Oak Town Library. It had been long enough that no one paid particular interest in them other than Sigurd, who himself was facing a similar situation to the one Joseph had all those years ago.

    In battle the primary use for this magic would be allowing Sigurd to fight more valiantly alongside his summons, rather than taking a backseat. This allows him to execute plans with more control and finesse, as well as defend himself without even needing to bring out any allies. Though the potential for destruction using this magic is great, Sigurd aims to find ways around that in order to reduce unwanted damage. As a result, Sigurd is careful not to throw around attacks willy nilly, and only uses more offensive spells from his arsenal if he feels like there's a good chance of him landing the hit. On the other hand, he will freely use more defensive spells, and if something important is on the line, won't hesitate to go all out.

    ♠ The fact that this magic operates as a standard caster makes up for Sigurd's lack of self-defense skills in his primary magic arsenal.

    ♠ Sigurd's protective nature is strongly supported by this magic, as within its arsenal are great number of spells which allow him both mobility and protection of himself and others.

    ♠ Negative Magic is a definite rarity, and it isn't exactly obvious how it works on the surface level. Therefore, opponents would have a hard time, typically, figuring out the mechanics of his spells.

    ♦ All of that which has been noted about Negative Magic's confounding nature and destructive power means that it's dangerous for Sigurd to use it around allies, as they are subject to all the same factors as his enemies.

    ♦ Something to note about negative magic is that it lacks any sort of advantage against any magic. While many magics have some sort of naturally occurring superiority to other aspects of nature, the same cannot be said for this magic.

    ♦ Negative Magic is limited in terms of scope and scale, particularly due to Sigurd's moral compass. He has to make sure his spells are manageable, and the timing has to be just right to minimize wanton destruction.

    Glory of the Slayer:

    Glory of the Slayer
    Description: Countless eras ago there was a maniacal warrior who bathed in the blood of his victims. As he did this his powers grew, until eventually he grew to be able to control blood in order to decimate his foes. He could use either his blood or the blood of his foes to empower his already devastating techniques, and even heal himself. Many years passed before 12 of the strongest mages in the land would be able to seal this insane berserker away for eternity in another realm. All he could do was laugh because he knew that his descendants would possess the same abilities he had. It was in their blood.
    Ability: Allows the user to enter a berserk state, allowing for their abilities to be empowered by and meant to draw blood. The more blood drawn in a battle, the more devastating the abilities become.
    Usage: Lasts for 6 posts and may be used once per battle. Damage increased by 50%. Any time an enemy is hit, damage is further increased by 10%.   Passively regardless of berserker state drawing blood will increase damage by 10%,  reducing by 5% per post (0% increase minimum)
    Unique Abilities:

    “"Law Negation: Gravity"”:
    Law Negation: Gravity: Sigurd is able to shift the plane of certain areas to distort the fabric of reality and cause gravity to behave strangely. The result of this effort is that Sigurd can touch an object or entity to free it from the gravitational field. This allows them to move through the air at a speed equal to their normal movement speed. Sigurd cannot control objects under the effect of this ability, meaning he can't touch a box and send it hurtling through the air, or touch an enemy and toss them around, the purpose of this spell is only effective for movement. This ability stops working if the target moves outside of the maximum range for a burst spell equal to Sigurd's rank. This ability can be used on himself.
    “"Presence Negation: In Plain Sight”:
    Presence Negation: In Plain Sight: Using his skills as a summoner to move his magic powers to the "Negative Zone," Sigurd is capable of making himself seem like a perfectly normal civilian. Even people who are deliberately searching for sources of magic power would not be able to identify him as a mage. This unique ability only works when Sigurd has not yet used magic in the thread. As soon as Sigurd casts a spell, this ability dissipates, and his magic can be sensed like normal.

    Signature Spell:

    Name: Space Negation: Teleport
    Rank: Ranks With User to S Rank
    Type: Burst, Movement
    Damage: N/A
    Range: 15/30/50/75/100m
    Speed: 15/30/50/75/100m/s
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 3 posts
    Description: Sigurd drops his guard for a split second and focuses on a nearby location. Then using his multi-planar magic, he phases the distance between him and that location, which causes him to transport through that space incredibly fast, allowing him to make a quick dodge.

    Note: This spell can travel greater distances, but requires much more prep time and concentration, and thus, can't be used in this matter in combat. For plot purposes, however, Sigurd could transport himself all around Fiore if given enough time to prepare.

    ♠ This technique is a basic dodging technique that allows Sigurd to get out of a sticky situation quickly.
    ♦ Sigurd never actually leaves the plane of reality he lives in, and an extremely good eye could follow his path and still land an attack, or even block him and cause him to collide with something.

    D-Rank Spell:

    Name: Space Negation: Pistol
    Rank: D-Rank
    Type: Multiple Target, Instant
    Damage: 30HP
    Range: 45m
    Speed: 30m/s
    Duration: 1 post
    Cooldown: 2 posts
    Description: Sigurd raises his left hand with both his index and middle fingers extended. He then creates and launches 6 small, round, opaque projectiles in quick succession. These projectiles are actually portals flickering back and forth between planes, and when they make contact, rip holes through most inanimate objects. Beings with souls however, and for some reason, sometimes their equipment, merely receive impact damage.
    ♠ This spell is a basic damage dealing spell that Sigurd can use to hit multiple foes.
    ♦ Without any bells and whistles, all this spell can really do is cause damage to whatever Sigurd is firing at.

    C-Rank Spell:

    Name: Time Negation: Redo
    Rank: C-Rank
    Type: Single Target, Instant
    Damage: 60 HP
    Range: 120m
    Speed: 120m/s
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 3 posts
    Description: In order to perform this spell, Sigurd must first personally make the motion of a physical attack in the direction of an enemy. Once Sigurd has done this, he can activate this spell. Once activated, a glimmering orb of energy flies from Sigurd's body towards his foe. If contact is made, time flickers in and out of planes, and whatever attack Sigurd attempted is repeated multiple time instantaneously, causing great damage.
    ♠ Sigurd can change the properties of this attack. For example, if he attacks using a flaming sword, this attack would deal slashing and burning damage.
    ♦ The orb can only move in a straight line, and is indiscriminate about allies and enemies, causing the effect to occur no matter what it collides with.

    B-Rank Spell:

    Name: Time Negation: Undo
    Rank: B-Rank
    Type: AoE, DoT, Healing
    Damage: 0 HP + 40 HP/Turn (Max. 100 HP)
    Range: 150m
    Speed: 110m/s
    Duration: 4 posts
    Cooldown: 5 posts
    Description: This spell is a unique healing spell which undoes effects of attacks that have drained HP from a target. Sigurd can select 4 targets from the spell, after which he raises his hand, and fires up to 4 glimmering beams. On the first post round, nothing happens. On the second post round, however, the target begins to feel time reverting as it is sucked into the Negative Zone. Their wounds will heal slowly over time, over the course of 3 posts, after the initial post where they make contact with the beam.
    ♠ The beams fired can curve and change directions to make contact with their intended target.
    ♠ The amount of health recovered from the efforts of this spell are quite substantial.
    ♦ These beams, while they can change direction to make contact, can be blocked, and must make direct contact with the target.
    ♦ Not only can they be blocked, they can be intercepted, which means an enemy could make a dive for the beam and end up recovering all the health meant for an ally, as Sigurd doesn't have any control over the spell once it's cast.

    A-Rank Spell:

    Name: Space Negation: Reverse Teleport
    Rank: A-Rank
    Type: Single Target, Instant, Movement
    Damage: N/A
    Range: 300m
    Speed: 450m/s
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 5 posts
    Description: Sigurd swipes his hand in front of him in the direction of a target, and what feels like a gust of wind travels along the path at 450m/s up to 300m. If the target is caught in this "gust of wind" they'll experience what it actually is. Sigurd flickered the space in front of him in the reverse way that he uses for his teleport maneuver, and actually pulls his opponent so they're only a couple meters in front of him.
    ♠ Sigurd is largely a close combat fighter, and this spell allows him to get enemies in range of his attacks.
    ♦ This attack does no damage, and bringing your enemies towards you isn't always the safest move, even if it's needed to land a hit.

    S-Rank Spell:

    Name: Life Negation: Soul Crush
    Rank: S-Rank
    Type: AoE, DoT
    Damage: 0 HP + 60 HP/post (Max. 150 HP)
    Range: 200m
    Speed: 100m/s
    Duration: 4 posts
    Cooldown: 8 posts
    Description: The ultimate offensive spell for any Negative Magic user, once cast, a blinding light is sent out in all directions from the user. If any living thing comes in contact with the light, at first, it seems as though nothing will be different. Then on the second post, they'll feel a sharp pain as their life force is sucked into the Negative Zone. This continues on for two more posts, dealing a maximum of 150 HP over the 4 post effect period.
    ♠ The offensive capabilities of this spell are incredible, and Sigurd is capable of dealing great damage to large groups of people.
    ♠ Nonmagical projectiles can be destroyed if they are within the blast radius of this attack.
    ♦ This spell can, and will effect, unfortunately, anyone in the blast radius, excepting Sigurd. That means any summons or allies who are within range will also receive the massive damage, as Sigurd cannot control the range of this attack, nor is he able to dispel it.
    ♦ Any non magical materials, excepting for some reason clothing, armor, items, or weapons being worn or wielded by a player character (unless that player wishes it so), can and will be destroyed in the blast. This is not an attack that can be used very effectively at all in cramped or populated spaces.
    ♦ Spells cannot be destroyed by this spell's effect.

    Advanced Spell:

    Name: Space Negation: Dome Shield
    Rank: Ranks with User to S rank
    Type: AoE, Defensive, Movement
    Damage: N/A
    Range: 5 - 15/30/50/75/100m
    Speed: 15/30/50/75/100m/s
    Duration: 2 posts
    Cooldown: 4 posts
    Description: Sigurd channels his magic into the space around him, and hexagonal plates appear in a circle around him between 5m and it's max range from the source. These then build up into a full dome. Anything that comes in contact with the dome comes out of the other side of the dome. The way this works is that if it enters at ground level, it exits directly across. If it enters at an angle from above, it exits at an inverted angle on the other side. This means that if one enters from directly above, they're spit out right back where they came from. Nothing inside the dome can leave or effect the world outside the dome during this spell. This dome has a limit to how much aggressive magic it can transport, and if attacks that equal 4.5x its rank pass through it, it will dissipate with a shattering effect.
    ♠ This spell allows Sigurd to defend both himself and others from many attacks, as well as move allies across the battlefield in an effort to disorient.
    ♠ Sigurd can dissipate this spell early if the situation requires it.
    ♦ This is a spell which is hard to control once it's been activated. Not only does it limit the space Sigurd can move within, but also it could potentially disorient his allies while he tries to protect them.
    ♦ Attacks don't dissipate when defended against with this spell, but rather just continue going on the other side. Thus, they are still threats to entities outside the dome.


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