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    Dance of Fate


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    Private Dance of Fate

    Post by Yuiisai on 26th June 2018, 3:12 pm

    It had been a few months since they had met each other again inside the facility that she was sent to after their joint disobedience. The facility that she had then spent around a quarter of her life, sure she was use to experiments and abuse she had been through it since she could remember within Cor Torva but it was different. Cor Torva there was some semblance of safety as they each had a room with a few personal items, they didn't have to squabble over food or watch their backs from others willing to get a warm, dry place to sleep or a little more food. As a Cor Torva family member she was led to believe that the gods had such an easy life, what they weren't told was the severe abuse they had to go through to become gods, the area that the would be gods called home making slums look like places like Magnolia in comparison. She had been surprised with many of the things that been ordered of her, the bond with the one that would one day become her summoner; over time the memories of the one she held so dear, that she would do anything for vanished. She didn't know if it was due to the experiments, the drugs or wanting to keep her precious memories safe so locked them away but eventually she forgot about her old family and the one she had given her all to protect.

    It was only recently that bits and pieces began to unlock about her 'family' and what it meant to be with them, though there was still a lot still locked away and she was sick and tired of being in the dark with her own mind. She remembered when she first started talking and how it was through mental link with people, she didn't understand it but was often punished for it. Now she realised that this was just the way her race communicated with each other, she was so out of tune with her racial way of speaking it was a challenge fitting into the culture she should have had but was adapting; still regardless of punishment she remembered how she use to keep their family linked so they could talk to one another even when in their rooms, healing or punishment. It was a fond memory for her and was glad it was unlocked once again. Right now she was sitting on the roof of the west fiore trading company's headquarters looking out over the ocean, constantly knowing that a storm was coming their way and had no idea if they where ready to face it as things were concerned her. For now however those she cherished were safe and that is all that mattered to her, though she wanted to be taller than an eight year old again.

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