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    Children Of The Moon

    Kitalpha Aurence
    Kitalpha Aurence

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    Children Of The Moon Empty Children Of The Moon

    Post by Kitalpha Aurence Sun 24 Jun 2018 - 22:47

    Job Title: Werewolf hunt
    Rank: C
    Player Requirements: C rank or two D ranks at least.
    Job Requirements: 5,000 words total in thread.
    Job Location: Cursed Lands Locations
    Job Description: So recently people have been hearing the howls of a werewolf it didn't mean much, wasn't alarming at all; Until the wolves attacked. In the middle of the night a village was ripped apart by the beasts and now the neighboring villages have put up a mission that someone go to the cursed lands and hunt down the werewolves before they can emerge from the cursed lands again on the next full moon.

    Weak: Random Animals
    Creatures living around the woods, all smaller then wolves, only require a D rank hit to take down and only deal D rank psychical damage, have no magic.

    Normal: Normal Wolves
    These are wolves that live alongside the werewolf pack, less dangerous then the werewolves, but still a threat they are the size of average wolves and utilize no magic. Require 2 C rank strikes to take down, and deal C rank physical damage.

    Strong: Young Werewolves
    The younger pack member's far from puppies these are the newly made adults who are already somewhere slightly over three feet tall, have minimal magic abilities and very strong dealing B rank melee with their body. 4 C rank strikes to take down.

    Boss: Grown Werewolves
    The largest of the werewolves, fully grown at over 4 feet tall they are fully magic capable, just as strong as the younger wolves and require 10 C rank hits to take down due to how durable they are.

    Reward: 20,000 jewel and C rank exp
    Could get some stuff made from animal pelts for fun if you really want.


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