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    Guess Who's Back For Round Two?

    Kitalpha Aurence
    Kitalpha Aurence

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    Guess Who's Back For Round Two? Empty Guess Who's Back For Round Two?

    Post by Kitalpha Aurence 24th June 2018, 2:23 pm

    Job: Strange Vulcans (Part 2)
    Rank: C-Rank Job
    Player Requirements: 3 Players, 25 post minimum (300+ Words Per Post)
    Requirements: Defeat 20 Primate monsters (listed in monster section)
    Location: Spooky Forest
    Description: The vulcans appeared... with more of their buddies! Seems as if you didn't teach them a lesson! This time they brought heavy weapons.Be careful, these vulcans may not be cunning but due to their increasing numbers they could prove to be a handful!

    Weak: Low-level Vulcans with a simple wooden club or cosh

    Normal: High-level Vulcans with an axe or a mace

    Strong: Troll Kong a four armed beast wielding two of the following items: axe, sword, mace, hammer.

    [optional]Boss: Vampire Kong A high-speed beast with flying ability that wields one of the following weapons: spear, greatsword, meteor hammer, flying claw, kusarigama. Highly intelligent.

    Prize: 2,500 Jewels, Vulcan Fur Coat to be given to one of the members.


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