A walk through the woods [Marcus]


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    Re: A walk through the woods [Marcus]

    Post by MarkusEldridge on Mon 02 Jul 2018, 8:03 pm


    Markus froze as he felt her forehead touch his back. It was unexpected, foreign, new… And, he did not trust the unexpected. He only took a breath when she spoke again, her apology was expected, people had a tendency to apologize for pain they did not cause. However, hers was… different. He was certain she meant it.

    Her touch was so much different than the last person to touch the wound, her words so much kinder than the person who had tended to him. Markus did not have her stop, but he did reach down and grab his clothes. He was unsure how to continue. Logically he had figured out what he was searching for, and if a situation needed more than logic, he was useless.

    Nessa’s expression was unreadable as he told her but a small part of his tale. He nodded at her, looking one last time into her eyes. As she spoke, he was silent. He was not sure he agreed with her, but he understood the logic, and saw no reason to disagree. He never really cared for his choices, and dealt with the consequences as they came.

    Markus looked at Nessa once more, strait in her eyes. He held no emotion, no judgment. They were quite a bit closer than they had been all night, yet that did not even cross his mind. He knew he was right, about how different they were. Yet, her reactions told him all he needed to know. He nodded at her… Then activated his magic.

    There was a sound just like before, as if their air itself was being ripped, and Markus was gone.

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    Re: A walk through the woods [Marcus]

    Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux on Tue 03 Jul 2018, 6:00 pm

    There was a moment that Nessa had never experienced before, a loss for words. She was caught in the moment, the moment of looking at Markus. Trying to see him, the real him. Was he showing her that, or was there still some kind of guard. She felt he had opened up to her, talking about his personal experiences. The whole situation had been pretty bizarre, him finding her the way she words. Talking a walk and discovering a waterfall. Messing around in the water. It was all pretty surreal, and here they were. Two strangers encompassed in silence.

    Standing oddly close considering, although it had been her that had closed this distance. When had she become so comfortable with a stranger so quickly. She had opened a little bit of herself to him after knowing him for a short time. The strange thing was that he hadn't actually welcomed her to it, he had been blank and unreadable for most of their time together. Yet she felt like she wanted to Push those boundaries, to show him her trust self and see how he would react. She wanted to learn more about those emotionless eyes. Wanting to see past them, to see his truth.

    She opened her mouth to speak, but there was that rip. The same rip she had heard earlier, and he was gone. Just like that, not a word of goodbye. Nessa stared into the open space, shocked by him leaving. She took a step and looked around. Not able to see him anywhere. Somehow, she knew he wasn't coming back. It was done. Did I... Say something wrong... She wondered. Her eyes cloaked in sadness and confusion, she looked at the ground. Trying to think over what she'd said, she hadn't said anything she would consider offensive or rude.

    Her feet began to move on their own, the sound of the waterfall fading in the distance. Wandering through the trees until finally she stood in the spot she had already been in, walking up to the tree. The basket laying on the floor, apple laying there intact. She leaned down, picking up the basket. She reached in and picked up the apple. Rolling it around in her palm, remembering her whole reason for coming here. Her day of reflecting and sobbing had been taken, taken away by Markus. She dropped her hand, Apple dropping from her grip and rolling to the floor as she began to make her way home. Because despite what she had originally came for, she didn't need the apple, not today.



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