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    iLack So Much [Job/Solo]


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    iLack So Much [Job/Solo] Empty iLack So Much [Job/Solo]

    Post by Sivvy on 23rd June 2018, 7:06 pm

    Be more accessible on the go...for free. Her creator had liked the sound of that. He wasn't a penny pincher, but saving funds for more projects was definitely something he concerned himself with. Her job today was simple. No muss and no fuss. As long as Dr. Raelin was pleased, she felt content...in the short term, anyway.

    As the train pulled into the Neutral Grounds station, 7 clapped her book shut and stood. Smoothing down her black sundress and adjusting her small bag over her shoulder, she made her way to disembark. It was crowded on the train, many bustling on about receiving the new little gadget. Nothing attracts a crowd like something horrific or something free. The young clone had a lot to learn about the nuances of human nature, but from her small amount of experience, this assumption had yet to be disproved.

    Hanging back until most of the mob was far ahead of her, the silvery haired girl took in the town. It was weird that her metal dragon slayer lacrima was useless here. It felt strange to not have access to that magical power, and to not be able to sense anyone's magic here. Would she even be able to eat metal here? She decided that she probably couldn't, which is why she stopped into a pastry shop to buy a small tart with the allowance the doctor had given her. 7 was still discovering who she was as a person, but at least food and fashion had made themselves known early on. Savoring her sweet treat as she walked, yet another store caught her eye. It was a clothing shop, one with a lovely gray sweater in the window. Cuddling up with a book in an oversized sweater was nice in the usually chilly laboratory. Within a few moments she had now taken possession of the sweater, a lovely pair of lace shorts, and some knee-high socks. Pleased with her finds, she emerged back onto her intended path.

    The factory loomed ahead. She could have lingered more to find what else the truly neutral town had to offer, but 7 didn't waste much time. Especially not when on a mission. The mob had already accosted the poor man outside the building, it seemed. He looked bedraggled, wiping the back of his hand against his forehead from the chaos the crowd had brought. At her approach, though, he plastered on an easy smile. "Well, didn't you just luck out and miss the hooplah?" he asked jokingly. It went over the girl's head a bit. "No, sir. I missed on purpose," she responded flatly. Luck was a useless construct. Never once had luck had any effect on any of her actions, so it was silly to think that she didn't just have the forethought to know where the crowd was going and wait until they had moved on.

    "Ah...right," the man sighed, sizing her up. He saw all types. She already seemed to be the literal type, standoffish and probably a bit dry. No use making banter with this one. "I assume you're here for the free iLac?"

    "Yes, sir. Doctor Raelin sent me," she answered promptly.

    He didn't know who the heck that was, but nodded anyway. "Here you go then, miss...?"

    7 reached out to claim her directive, nearly spinning on her heels and leaving until she picked up the questioning tone and remembered her manners. "7," provided the girl, giving a little bow. "Thank you."

    As 7 walked away, the man was left scratching his noggin. Had that girl just said a number as a name? How odd. Just what did this Doctor Raelin do?



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