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    Izayuki v. Haru [Duel]


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    Izayuki v. Haru [Duel]

    Post by Haru-senpai on 23rd June 2018, 12:15 am

    Boom boom clap...boom boom clap.

    The Talonia arena was practically shaking with noise. As a crowd had gathered for a singular purpose. To see one of the most famous mages in the world, take on a Fairy Tail mage who had made a huge name for himself around Fiore. The crowd was packed to the brim, with people trying to still buy tickets even though they were sold out they just wouldn't take no for an answer.

    "We WILL be broadcasting the fight on the jumbotrons people there's no need to shove! We don't have any more tickets!!! Unless you bought them via lacrima net you're short!!!" as the head security guard announced this via megaphone he got a chorus of 'boooooooooooooooooooooooos' from the crowd as they practically threw shit at him verbally.

    Inside the arena, the camera would pan over a huge crowd of both regular humans and mages. Some holding Izayuki dolls and signs. Some holding Fairy Tail foam fingers and posters of Haru doing an uppercut with flames around it. One cosplayer that caught Haru's attention even as he walked out of the gate to thunderous cheers had on a full Izayuki outfit.

    "Here he is ladies and gentlemen! The grandson of Heero Reyold himself! Around Fiore, he's known as a martial artist! But he's actually a pretty serious guy as far as I can tell...not like his grandad.....Fairy Tail's own...SALAMANDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!" as Haru stepped out further he would look around the thunderous arena and be overwhelmed for a second as he assessed the terrain.

    Sandy pavement, with a few rocks jutting out here and there boulder sized. No advantages as far as he could tell. "Even though our guilds are allied...I'm going to go all out.....this is a God of Ishval." he smiled, knowing his grandfather was once considered among the ranks of the mage he was about to duel now. "There she is." as the announcer gave his spheal about Izayuki, the crowd literally erupted into thunderous roars that outdid his own. Growing jealous, but excited at all the noise she received. He finally would set eyes on her. Standing about 100yds apart from one another, Haru would look directly at his opponent. Sizing her up. She didn't seem too tough visually, but Haru was actually scared as hell; but his own pride wouldn't let him show it.

    He'd heard she was an ice mage; but had no idea what type.

    "If you hold back....I'll never forgive you." Haru said with a serious tone, one hand in his pocket that he slid out and balled into a fist at his side. "I don't plan on holding back...even from the very beginning. I need to see how far I've come...so please....don't be afraid, I look good when I bleed." he grinned at Izayuki. "Besides, if you slip up and let me win, I'll never let this go." he would get a serious expression, but keep a light hearted look on his face.

    In the crowd, his Exceed Rose watched in the front row.

    "Kick his ass Izayuki, he deserves it!" as he recognized her voice, Haru turned and flailed comically at Rose. "WHAT you're supposed to be on my side?!" as he yelled this, Rose would shrug. "Eh, I go back further with her." as she said this, Haru got anime tears for one moment. "....No loyalty."

    "FIGHTERS! READY...READY?!! 3.....2.....1...BEGIN!!!"

    Getting serious however, as the announcer signaled the beginning of the bout. Haru would instantly clench a fist. A large whistling sound would erupt from him like a teapot ready to boil over; heat waves would swerve in the air as flames would erupt from his entire body and surround him, as small flames would dance here and there from his body. Next, his feet would literally catch flame Fire Dragon's Blazing Wings as he would look at Izayuki with a rather serious look as he would then bend one knee and then rocket high into the air above at well beyond the speed of sound. Fire Dragon's Roar.

    The entire stadium lit up with an orange glow as a huge splash of flame was exhaled from Haru's mouth; slamming into the ground in an instant at several hundred miles per hour. Well over 400ft in size. Haru would bake the ground of the entire arena as the flames splashed everywhere; even against the walls of the arena itself. The only escape was jumping. As soon as he saw her, still floating from the gravity of exhaling his own roar and his own superhuman jump; he would use Fire Dragon's Rocket as flames erupted from his feet, mid-air sending him like a literal rocket at Izayuki herself at ridiculous speed. With a single spin as he was propelled forward like a rocket himself, his entire arm would catch flame with a roar like a dragon erupting from it.

    Fire Dragon King's Iron Fist, as he swung a punch in her direction, moving at insane speeds. Flames would literally explode like a nuke from him as they whirled into a sphere like shape and then exploded violently in a burst large enough to swallow up a few whales, outward in a huge ring that let off another dragon's roar. Passing her or landing from his punch, he would land with his fist smoking from the heat alone. Spinning around, and keeping his eye on her magic power as he did land. The crowd going nuts from all the flames and explosions, even if they were getting close to them, themselves.


    HP: 625
    MP: 505/625

    Spells Used:

    All Fired Up - Haru gets fired up for a fight as flames burst off of him and then tightly wrap around him, churning and whirling rapidly around his body as they randomly appear and reappear at different places around him. This adds Haru's rank in fire spell damage to his physical attacks. Takes 5% MP per post to keep active. If his MP runs out, All Fired Up will fuel off of Haru's HP, taking away 10HP per post.

    Name: Fire Dragon's Blazing Wings
    Rank: A
    Type: Buff Effect
    Duration: 6 Posts
    Cooldown: 8 Posts

    Description: Haru's feet literally catch on fire with flames that roar like a dragon loudly. Let's Haru run at an amazing 671MPH (300MPS) on top of however fast he's already running, leaving a trail of fire everywhere that he runs or on anything that he's stepped on. Moving this fast, Haru can run up buildings, mountains, and around the environment in all types of amazing ways; makes him very difficult to handle in battle; as he sets things on fire as he runs around. The flames are small at first, but will grow of course if left unchecked. When Haru takes off from any point, he leaves a small shockwave of fire behind himself from his feet.

    Strengths: Allows Haru to run at the speed of an A-Ranked spell. Can disorient enemies with the flames left behind from his steps. Allows him to be able to fight more effectively with his other dragon slayer magic due to being able to increase the speed of his combos and reactions. Adds 25% of an A-Ranked fire spell damage to Haru's melee kicks.

    Weaknesses: Doesn't last very long for a spell of it's rank. Doesn't buff allies. Can't hurt enemies with the casting of this spell. Doesn't really do anything other than allow Haru to run at the speed of an A-Ranked spell for a little while. Can disorient allies with the flames left behind if he isn't careful. You can track the direction he goes by the flame trails left behind from his running after he takes off in a direction.  

    Name: Fire Dragon's Roar
    Rank: User
    Type: Signature AOE
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: N/A

    Description: Haru either stomps to the left or inhales on the spot. He then with a roar like a dragon that fills the entire area unleashes a literal torrent of wildfire from his mouth. This roar coats over targets with a wide blast of flames that burn everything they touch to ashes the wave of flames go the maximum distance and width for the users level of power before they explode in a huge explosion that bubbles and wraps around the target before mushroom clouding with explosive impact as the flames detonate in a massive shockwave that sounds like a dragon's roar. This attack is extremely catastrophic depending on the rank of the user of dragon slayer magic.

    Strengths: Deals 1/2 user ranked fire spell damage. Is a ridiculously large attack. The signature attack of all Dragon Slayers. Can make a very big area, go up in flames very quickly. Difficult to dodge because of the size. Makes a very big explosion that can be just as difficult to dodge as the roar. Can turn body or head to redirect while using.

    Weaknesses: Literally everyone is going to expect this attack from Haru. When he inhales you know what's coming next. Can be walled off if you have substantial enough defense that won't combust, catch on fire, or melt. Will definitely scorch allies to a crisp if caught in the path. Must be used in a safe area or else....it will probably be bad news for those nearby. Can also destroy allies enchantments or spells if poorly aimed or recklessly used.

    Name: Fire Dragon King's Iron Fist
    Rank: A+
    Type: Melee AOE
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 6 Posts

    Description: The temperature in the area skyrockets as Haru's entire arm catches on fire as he performs either a standing or a leaping punch or uppercut. Upon impact a huge torrent of flame swirls onto and into the target, then explodes from the target in a 700ft (215M) area from where they were impacted, setting not only them but possibly the surrounding area on fire. An excellent finishing or counter-attack. Hits the target so fiercely that spells are literally burned off of them if they're running on their body. Has a nice 100ft (30M) knockback if hit directly.

    Strengths: Adds explosive A-Ranked fire damage to a punch. Has a gigantic napalm like explosion. A signature Dragon Slayer attack, can be used to combo or end a combo. Very useful for ending a battle on a weakened opponent. Useful for counters. Burns any spell running on the body of the target away as long as the spell is A-rank or below it is set on cooldown.

    Weaknesses:  Everyone knows about this attack, therfore it is predictable and must be used at an opportune moment. Is a launcher attack and if dodged Haru can potentially hit something or someone that was not meant to be hit. The huge explosion from the punch can hit allies if they're too close to Haru when he punches something. Only burns away spells running on the targets body, not summons or spells he has running in the area. Spellburn only affects one target naturally.


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    Re: Izayuki v. Haru [Duel]

    Post by Guest on 23rd June 2018, 11:07 am

    Izayuki Hyoujin ♦ Black Rose ♦ H Rank

    Why was she here again? No other reason than peer pressure, really. The kid before her was desperate for a fight, for whatever reason. Duels were petty in the Bakedanuki’s eyes. They never ended well, nor was her own magic really made for spars meant for sport. Her magic and abilities were designed to kill, after all, as most magic should be. She only hoped she could keep her magic from killing him off completely, but would not hold her breath. If she did kill him, she had plans, at least.

    The roaring crowd was obnoxious to the tanuki girl’s sensitive, silver-furred ears. She did detect Rose’s voice from the throngs of people, however, and could not help but flash back a grin of amusement. She remembered when she first encountered the red-furred exceed, who dumped hot tea on her after discovering the tanuki sleeping on her and Heero’s desk. They did indeed go back a little. Perhaps the cheering was to make up for that little painful incident.

    “I won’t be holding back,”
    Izayuki confirmed, with her arms crossed and her silver tail flicking to and fro behind her. The Goddess of Mystery made no move as the announcer prepared the two to fight. As quickly as the signal was given, Haru made the move first.

    Without flinching, the Wizard Saint tanked his Fire Dragon Roar, feeling quite a bit of heat but not allowing the flames to hurt her. As he dashed at her at very fast speeds, Izayuki began to move her arms and would catch Haru’s fiery fist. At the same time while she was making moves with that arm, the Bakedanuki would use the Fairy Tail mage’s speed and momentum against him. She would bring up her other arm and jab a clawed hand right into his gut. Her claws were coated in the dangerous and acidic black blood she carried within her ayakashi body, and her strength was enough to likely kill him instantly when stacked with the blood. "ONE PUUUUNCH~!" she would announce with a gleeful grin, expecting this to be over right away.

    There was no escape from her attack, nor a chance to dodge-- he would run straight into her clawed hand with his attack and vast speed and moment. As she caught his fist, there would also be no escape. Her raw, physical strength far surpassed his own. This would be a short fight.

    Should he die, there was no need for the crowd to worry. Oh no, she knew exactly what she was going to do if he died, and hopefully Rose would approve.

    For all of Haru’s stuff--
    Dragon Slayer Roar (50 HP dmg), Dragon Slayer Iron First (150HP dmg? AoE should make it 75 tbh.) + 25 melee damage + All Fired Up (100) = 325 dmg taken?

    My stuff--
    Snowflake Dryad • This ability allows Izayuki to transform into something of cold substance, a flurry of ice and snow and cold winds that is roughly the same size as her human body by embracing her core with a durability of her rank. If she chooses, she may still look completely normal. She can bend her snowy, ice, and windy body to any shape to avoid spells or have them go through her, but can revert back at will with no damage to her human body.

    Durability: 284 / 609. The dryad body absorbed the damage.

    黒血 • Black Blood • Kurochi
    From the dark, shadow-like aura that makes up her physical matter, Izayuki is left without a true and natural state of life force. Her blood is obsidian-hued black in color to reflect this, and has unique properties all on its own, such as constantly regenerating so she never dies from blood loss. The blood is pitch onyx in color, but is no thicker or thinner than any other type of blood. Should one come into contact with the blood/aura, however, they are dealt user rank damage. Should she meet an untimely she has the choice of either using Ayakashi’s End, or taking her true form- a beast made completely of the dark aura. In this state, she loses much of her reason and logic, and reacts based on instinct only. In this state, she gains 30% more strength and speed, at the cost of her spells requiring 75% more mana to cast.

    +one big ol’ melee punch.

    (Kurochi) 140 base magic damage + 335% buff = 609 dmg.
    (punch) 55 base melee damage + 625% buff = 398.75 rounded up to 399 dmg.
    TOTAL: 1008 damage.

    My HP: 2080/2080
    My MP: 700

    Mura Kensho
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    Re: Izayuki v. Haru [Duel]

    Post by Mura Kensho on 24th June 2018, 5:24 am

    It was true that Haru had made a name for himself the time he had spent in Fiore. Born and raised in Terra Ignis, he did show many signs of Midian culture, but unlike the very shaman immigrant weaboo figure who was but a grain of sand in the midst of the crowds up front, Haru was actually more famed for his efforts, his duties and neutralization of the monster siege in the capital Crocus, on top of his heritage and his Dragon Slayer Magic. Mura feared the day when it would all get to his head, but unlike Heero or even Hera, Haru was much cooler and collected than those two hotheads. In the end, trust was necessary to ensure a bright future - that and the hope that Haru would make good use of his knowledge about the past incidents that happened to people who let things like this get to their heads.

    To be honest, Mura had no idea who he had challenged. Yes, even in the crowds, he only now spotted the yōkai’s aura - a blush appeared on his face as he remembered the *cough* floof *cough* of hers. It was his dear tanuki from Black Rose, Izayuki… wait… why had Haru challenged her? Was he that disappointed about their visit at Crystal Swan? He thought that Astrid had promised him a battle… apparently not. Now the habanero lizard sought to fight the Onmyōji’s fluffy friend who was a Guildmaster… and more than that. What, did Haru expect himself to have an advantage against her ice magic? Maybe Haru had something hidden up his sleeve? Either way, Mura was very interested in the outcome of the battle now… his mind imagined the most epic scenes in battle history.

    … W-Why was she yelling ‘one punch’, again…?


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