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    Mission 005: Stalking the Tooth Fairy


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    Mission 005: Stalking the Tooth Fairy Empty Mission 005: Stalking the Tooth Fairy

    Post by Victor 14th June 2018, 4:16 pm

    Job Title: Fairy Stake Out
    Rank: C
    Player Requirements: 10 posts of 250 words At least 2 D rank mages or 1 C rank mage. Must be in a guild.
    Job Requirements: Find the Tooth Fairy's base of operations
    Job Location: Somewhere hidden in the Rose Gardens
    Job Description: A notice is sent to every person in a guild. Some of the notices are different from the others though. A member of a legal guild is given a message from an anonymous person. "A villain you know as the Tooth Fairy has been stealing teeth for perverted reasons. We never knew why the Tooth Fairy has stolen all these teeth but we know one thing. They are using these teeth to create an army to take over Fiore. We have to take down this evil creep!"

    If you are from a dark guild, then you are given a message from an insider that says "The Tooth Fairy has been stealing teeth in order to create an army that will help take down Fiore. Find this Fairy's base of operation and recruit them." Whichever guild you are in you will need to find out how to get to that base and send it to the employer.
    Reward: 10k jewels, and fairy clothing if in a dark guild

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