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    I Think Were Being Stalked (Atuzite & Yuzuki/Job)

    Atuzite Fumus
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    I Think Were Being Stalked (Atuzite & Yuzuki/Job) Empty I Think Were Being Stalked (Atuzite & Yuzuki/Job)

    Post by Atuzite Fumus on Tue 12 Jun - 16:41

    Atuzite was enjoying a day away of jobs or anything important for the first time in quite a long time he even kept his gas mask off for the entirety of the day. He had first enjoyed a few hours of peace and quiet just reading in the library researching on magic and ancestors. Since he finally had time he did what he always loved to do, insult random bystanders. Atuzite wandered around Magnolia stopping random strangers and throwing insults like, Hey can I interest you in some face lotion to fix that ugly wreck you call a face, and You better go find you parents kid so you can be useless. After almost 4 hours of insulting Atuzite got bored and decided to find something more interesting to do. His next stop was a magic dueling arena where he bought a spectator ticket, a large soda, and a popcorn. After, finding a front row seat Atuzite started looking over the arena. It was a open square area with what seemed like sand for a floor. There were tire stacks and metal boxes placed around the arena which Atuzite thought were used as cover. There was also a table in the middle of the arena with a assortment of rings, amulets,and bracelets. Atuzite had just moved to a different seat next to a group of gamblers when two screens appeared over the arena. Both screens had a name, a magic name, and a win loss ratio. One screen read Izu Raton with a lightning magic with a 0/1 ratio. While the other screen read Hatori Mizu with a water magic and a 4/0 ratio. As all the gamblers betted on Hatori Atuzite smiled and placed his bet on Izu. Soon, the battle started with both opponents starting on opposite sides. Right as the bell rang out Izu rushed for the middle table while Hatori stood still. Izu made his way to the middle very fast and put a bracelet and started rushing towards Hatori. Hatori acted bordly rising a wall of water. Izu kept rushing at the wall and used all of his energy to shock through the wall and hit Hatori with the bracelet. The bracelet came off Izu’s arm and wrapped around Hittori, he was immobilized. Izu punched him in the face knocking him out.The bell rang out Izu had won and Atuzite was right. Atuzite was stared at by the gamblers most thinking he cheated. Atuzite glanced at them and said rather rudely“Izu had the elemental advantage and he wanted to win if it was the last thing he ever did he was obviously gonna win”. Atuzite quickly gathered his stuff and left after the fight because the arena was bringing back bad memories from when he was a young kid.
    It had reminded him of his home where they had forced kids to fight each other for food or money. That arena had given him nightmares every night until the nightmares finally broke him. He never lost in the arena he always laughed at his opponents begging for him to stop, he never stopped he needed the food. Then once he had gotten old enough and powerful enough that village paid for everything they did to him. Atuzite sighed that village will never go away from his memory. To everyone looking at him with the scars and the sad look on his face they could tell he had been through something difficult in his past. Atuzite regained his good mood once he saw what he always wanted to try but never had the chance to, ice cream. His village had a ice cream stand but Atuzite never had the money to buy a cone. Atuzite sat at the ice cream stand and ordered a vanilla ice cream cone with chocolate sprinkles. Once he finished one ice cream he kept ordering more and more. Others walking by saw quite an interesting scene a scarred young man stuffing his mouth full of ice cream while laughing at the stand owner who had quite a sad look and some could even see a snake in the back of the stand eating and taking ice cream. Atuzite was having quite a good day so far but he knew days like this never stayed this good for long.

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    I Think Were Being Stalked (Atuzite & Yuzuki/Job) PZOGGNQ

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