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    Interesting Meeting.


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    Interesting Meeting. Empty Interesting Meeting.

    Post by Lilim on 11th June 2018, 8:03 pm

    Hosenka. A land of veritable sloth, lust, greed, and more. All things I can get behind, being honest; Though a lack of people I recognized or cared about was a understandable disappointment. They did have an open mic over a Outdoor stage at sunset, though, which meant for me another free chance to test my magical capabilities. I went behind a building and shifted into my Aphrodite full takeover, feeling the unfortunate lack of clothing that the dress provided by the spell gave the sense of. I then returned back to the main thoroughfare, and taking the stage with a lute crafted from the colors of brown, from tint to shade. I sat at the microphone, and began to sing:

    In the middle of the song, I used the light around me to draw scars around me, and behind me a man with white hair and many scars, clothed with more browns and black, his skin being a pale peach. He nigh-sensuously brought his hand over my shoulders, before coming to a kneeling position beside my chair, offering his hand to me. I took it and kept the lute strumming, only using my hand to produce pitch with the lute. As I looked into his eyes, he unfurled into a web of shining gold light, rather like a Skein, and I darkened the color of my hair to the color of a raven's wing. Using the water in the air, I propagated the scent of lilacs and red berries throughout the crowd while bringing the form of the man back behind me, and moved him towards off-stage, to where he disappeared. Upon my cheek, I drew using the moisture in the air again to make a single tear dropping down my cheek. I then re-drew the stage into a field, with the man again, running towards a forming storm I started to weave off-stage, though nothing too dangerous. As he ran into the storm, he vanished into a cloud of mist, leaving a red heart pulsing with the scent of lilac drifting into the air again. Then from the mist all of the hardlight vegitation began to turn grey, before turning completely grey in their entirety. I, using the water in the air to create microdroplets of ice in the air, and then shattering each, made a fine mist of cold in the air around me and the crowd, though I kept the frost from hitting me in its entirety. To my right I created the man once more, and on my left a dying, ember-like fire to which the silhouette of the man vanished into a fine powder like substance that then faded to the winds as nothingness. From there, I repeated the scent trick and repeated bits of the performance previous, before finishing. I then erased the effects of the performance of which I created, and shattered the hard light lute into the air, and making a silken thread necklace from the strings. I then bowed once more, and left the audience to their own devices for the rest of their time. I watched them snap to full consciousness, then I turned away and walked away, down the street, still in my form, just in case someone is less then kind around these corners...

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    Interesting Meeting. Z8lAzQC

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